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Thus begins The Journeys of Socrates — an odyssey that forged the character of Sergei Ivanov, whose story would one day change the lives of. The Way Begins Sergei was three when the soldiers took him. At fifteen he fled into the wilderness, with nothing to cling to but the memories of a gran. In his landmark novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Millman blended fact and fiction to tell the story of a young man whose life is.

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After years of hard work these wise teachers teach Socrates how to live, breathe, forgive and find happiness. He could never have imagined that from the moment of his birth he was destined to become the peaceful warrior ran would change the lives of millions worldwide.

Thank you for your great masterpiece. Even if one is unaware of the WPW series, it would be a great read.

Congratulations you have surpassed yourself. Seems that artists who drift are following an audience-driven commission.

The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman

It will It is pure wonder socartes the human heart can not only survive but presevere over severe tragedy and loss. More about Journeys of Socrates. However, this man turns out to use everything he learned from tragedy and taught others with it. How to write a great review.


The Journeys of Socrates

Decent action with a bit of philosophy along the way. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. On a few occasions I found my jaw just dropping, putting down the book for a second to try and absorb what just happened, then quickly and eagerly back to see what great revelation was coming next.

Fills in some blanks Very journesy story, easy to listen to. This was a fantastic read.

The Journeys of Socrates Audiobook | Dan Millman |

Sep 14, Joy rated it liked it. Fantastic I have read The Way of the Peaceful Warrior a few years back and it transformed the way I live and perceive life.

Oct 04, Dan rated it it was amazing. Socrates can think of nothing else but revenge.

Joufneys 29, Lauky rated it it was amazing Shelves: He spends his days and years after this plotting for ways to get back at the evil he has experienced. The Journeys of Socrates by Dan Millman. Books by Dan Millman. When a sudden death forces Sergei to flee, he escapes into the wilderness.


The arena is daily life. And in the decades since he wrote this iconic book, his work continues to evolve. If you have ever come across some of Dan Milman’s books your mind will be blown away. The Hidden School reveals a book within a book, a quest within a quest, and a bridge between worlds. He proceeds to train under a warrior trained in the way of Japanese swordsmanship, a man named Razin.


If life is a journey, No Ordinary Moments is a map of the territory. The Journeys of Socrates.

When Sergei saves the life of a brutal fellow millmwn, Dmitri Zakolyev, during a difficult training exercise, he knows this act has actually made him an enemy. The Wisdom of Insecurity. You’ll want revenge as much as Sergei, and like him, you won’t be given a quick resolution.

The Laws of Spirita parable and teaching tale, opens as Dan Millman encounters a mysterious woman sage in the wooded hills near his home.

Just when I didn’t think Journeyys could surpass his first book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the book that truly changed my life and outlook on the universe. Dec 02, Julie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: