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The Black Lyon. By Jude Deveraux, reprint of release, Medieval Romance Avon, $, # First in the Montgomery. A Classic Love Story of a Fearless Lordand the Woman Who Tamed Him Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called. The Black Lyon was my first medieval novel. I had a plot, so all I had to do was a bit of research. I just needed to know where they lived, what.

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If this book were written today, I think the editor would force the author to remove these details of Medieval life. His self worth took a beating at the hands of a woman. Excellent period detail and vocabulary I read the kindle edition.

When she takes an arrow for him on the field of battle, things change for them. The Highlander Who Protected Me.

I don’t know why I finished reading this novel. I don’t think they are ever really happy until the last page. It’s why I have so many hardback copies of romance novels in my library and we swapped b I got my first job in Dec 26, Daneesha rated it it was ok.

When the acclaimed warrior Lion Very few times you come across books judde leave a lasting impact. For me The Black Lyon was such a book. Abduct, long parting – Because our heroines love sicks for her husband, she made a wrong choice and abducted by bad guys. I forgot how much angst is in this story. The Duke of Deception.


The Black Lyon • Jude Deveraux

This story no less. For years, she worked as 5th-grade teacher. He lift up my expectations I think I will never able to love character: Ranulf is a great warrior who meets the gentle and beautiful Lyonene and is betrothed very quickly.

He is a fearsome knight ddeveraux black hair and black eyes; he rides a black horse and has a lion on his shield; his most elite warriors, eight in number, all have dark hair as well; ergo, he is known as the Black Lion and the warriors are the Black Guard.

Considered the first book in Jude Deveraux’s Montgomery series but reads as a stand-alone. There is rape, for lack of a more accurate term – the Black Lyon hurts Lyonene on lyoon – and the hero strikes the heroine across the face. Return to Book Page. I am continuing with the series.

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This Earl is on Fire. Also, the Medieval period detail jdue to die for as well and is what I live for. They are smitten by one another and the match is encouraged by their relatives. I don’t see Lyonene as being insecure exactly, but he rapes her twice after they’re married, and instead of being angry with him, she just wonders why he hates her so much.

We went on book shopping expeditions, we all joined the Doubleday book club remember that?

So I went through all the big names of the day: This one was mine, and I still love love love it best. Jun 12, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was written like it may have been one of the author’s first books.


I’m pretty sure that was rape, but I somehow overlooked it. While the Duke Was Sleeping. Bitterness from a past rejection has shaped him into the callous man he is.

A Note From Jude Deveraux About THE BLACK LYON

I also liked that at the begining of this book she gives the lton plan of the castle, it was nice to look at when reading I really liked this book. It was time for a reread. Then there would be a period when all is flowing good and then it happens again!

This reread of wild romance between Lion and His Lioness leaves me happy. Still I loved both the hero and the heroine ddeveraux remember their names right now, though I think hers is Lyonene deveraxu Lynone, or something like thatespecially The Hero even though he is dense at times, and there was this one scene that REALLY bothered me view spoiler [when he was mad and jealous and he attacked her.

Although she came to the marriage carrying the child of another man, Ranulf was so in awe of her that he worked day and night training to be a knight in order to please her.