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Where Juggler Method fails is in newb delivery. You can’t just walk up and say ” Hey, I love that shirt you’re wearing. I think it’s really sexy.” Well. Overall Juggler’s method is based around creating an intimate vibe, deep rapport on Juggler was one of the first PUA’s to advocate a more natural approach to. Go SS Isolate and go Gunwitch and close. As you rely on Juggler method as your foundation you will feel like a natural PUA cause you are running freestyle!.

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As are MOST sensitive new aged guys who will talk about this sappy crap, in the subconscious jugggler that it will gain attention from women. Well if I talk about these things girls will leave. Juggler’s stuff builds rapport so quickly it’s frightening.

Can we be honest? Originally Posted by curry. Might I humbly suggest, as a middleground, the Monkey Method? Build trust and comfort by holding their hands and covertly rubbing your elbows on their nipples. Wayne Elise Juggler was one of the first dating pickup artists to advocate a more natural style of picking up women, primarily based on rapport.

Juggler’s method comes across as quite aloof to some girls, but to others it can really open them up. If you have tested both, you can easily find out. All times are GMT Juggler Method is just about being funny and being good at conversations hardly a method is it! Hey monkey, I have a question. I have finshed studying the mystery method and mehow’s modified model of the MM method. Whatever works for you use it; these posts about using such a guys methods are annoying cos everyone has the ability to be funny,cocky, neg etc and your not necessarily using his methods against another dudes.


He became involved in the pick-up community in the early ‘s and from the start offered a quite different perspective than was prevalent at the time.

Location Ireland Age 33 Posts As time went on the little scripted material and techniques that he did advocate were dropped and now the system that he teaches is very elegant and quite simple.

Early techniques that were introduced into the dating-advice community were SOI’s Statement Of Intent where you explicitly state your romantic or sexual interest due to some unique trait or behavior of the woman you are interested in.

Thu Aug 10, Join Date Dec Gender: Republished with permission from mASF Forum.

juggler method vs. mystery method

Age 48 Posts Below some photos of them together. Hey has any one ever tryed it? Actually, this should probably be in my PUA baseball thread. No, let’s just be friends. This student of Jugglers I believe had several years experience using Juggler method and Sinn took the girl juhgler from him within minutes. Basic supply and demand.

The Juggler Method

Juggler is a very wimpy system. There are many genuine and confident people out there, and some give them better emotions than others. I am not planning to learn the jugler method.

Previous topic Next topic. Situational opener asking what happened to the guitar, and we get a decent little convo going, and she’s huggler me answers of decent length and investing in the conversation, but then my mind runs blank, and I let the convo die.


The esoteric technical stuff. Why we dubbed this one product ‘idiot-proof’ and how it can transform a woman’s reaction to you almost immediately. Come on man if you want to learnget the e-book and read themi dont know any book that explain the MM or juggler method. Join Date Jul Gender: Juggler’s method pulls you out of that entertainers mode and puts the mwthod on the target by asking really broad open ended questions.

MM is designed to pickup models and strippers.

Methods Yeah, it’s what works best for you. Previous [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] 6 [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] Next. Select a forum Get Into The Game: Enter your email address below and get access to 10 videos instantly: Sat Sep 02, 9: Sun Sep 03, 1: Some methods just don’t work as well on certain girls, but experience will help you realise what to use and when you’ve got hook.

Tue Apr 19, But again, Field testing will do it to you. So if people play these games, what constitutes genuine? Persuazn’s right Juggler method really does help your game not having to wait for IOIs are great and the flow of everything is much easier but MM should be your base method like i said before. Of course that’s all after the fact.

Juggler is one of the few pick up artists who got married. Join Date May Gender: