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Among them the most prominent is this book of Imam Bukhari, “Juz Rata Yadain”. It is my (i.e: Shaikh Zubair) fortunity that I found the best nuskha of Juz Rafa. Written By: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhari R.A. Juzz Rafa Ul Yadain (جزرفع الیدین) Language Urdu. Written. Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Urdu pdf Free Book Download Juz al Qiraat Wa Juz al Rafa ul Yadain Authored By Imam Bukhari r.a.

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This narration due to the Tadlees of Hishaam bin Hisaan, and due to the Jahaalat of “Ghairah” is Da’eef, However, common evidences are in its accordance. Thus rafa yadain should be done in these places, and it should also be done during ruku’ and after raising the head from jkz, so that all the ahadeeth can be followed, and this is not a contradiction.

Rafayadain ( Roman urdu Version )

Raza Hassan when he buknari to raise his head from the prostration, even then he would not do it. Then after that, I came to madinah in the winter.

Therefore, making it a support for the narration of Ibn Abi Laila is not Sahih. Prophet peace be upon him used to raise both his hands up to his shoulders whenever he used to say the takbeer to begin the Salaah, and when he used to bow he would do the same 81 The Most Authentic Nuskha of Maktabah Zaahiriya Translated by: Its Sanad is Da’eef.

It is my i. He did that when he said the Takbir before bowing, and he did that again when he raised his head from bowing and said: If One of them says: The Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him came to us and we were raising our hands, so He said: I saw Ibn Abbas doing rafa yadain when saying takbeer, and when raising his head after ruku’.

It has been discussed above that the hadith of Bkhari is not Proven. He is the author of some great and beneficial books like: I saw the wife of Waleed bin Uqbah, she came to the prophet peace be upon himshe was complaining about her husband that he beats her, so He pbuh said: Sunan Kubra Baihaqi vol 5, pgand Noorul Ainain pg Therefore, the saying of some contemporary Ahnaaf that Ya’qoob was utdu reliable is Rejected.


Rafayadain ( Roman urdu Version ) | The way of

This narration is Sahih. I asked Sa’eed bin Jubair about rata yadain in salaah, so He said: Explanation of the Tahqeeq 1 The author has declared the Nuskha Zaahiriya to be the real one, because this bbukhari the most authentic and proven Nuskha.

Mahmud bin Ghailan was the Extreme Siqqah Imam.

I heard Jaabir bin Samurah saying that: Search Here Our Articles Search. Imam Bukhari likhte hain ke ahle ilm ke nazdeek kisi 1 Sahabi se bhi raful yadain na karneki saabit nahi hai…. Sufyan Ath-Thawri, Wakee’ and some Kufis did not used to do rafa yadain 2. Blog ViewsTotal Website Visit. So he said the takbeer and raised his hands when he intended to bow, he raised his handsthen when he raised his head from rukuhe did rafa yadain likewise. For more details see Musnad al-Humaidi. Raza Hassan thus she went, and came back again, and said, He still beats me, so He pbuh said, go and tell him these things, she said, Certainly he beats me, so the messenger of Allah pace be upon him raised his hands and prayed to Allah saying, “O Allah!

This is better for him than, that he goes on proving things from the non-knowledgeable people. We praise Him, and seek His help and forgiveness. Zaida bin Qudamahby following the Salaf, did not use to narrate ahadith to anyone except the people of Ahlus- Sunnah.

We would not set right anything of yours which you damaged yourself. I heard Aasim bin Kulaib narrating from his father, they were saying that: You are commenting using your WordPress. We seek refuge in Allah, Most high, from the evils of our own selves and from our wicked deeds.

I was told by Allah: He also got a weak memorizer at the end of his age, and he is also accused of Tadlees. And this is not a kind of difference, in which one narrator would oppose the other openly raf, because this is an addition to the action. I found Abu Humaid As- Saa’idi among the ten companions of the prophet peace be upon him. The Hadith of Ath-Thawri is more authentic according to the people of Knowledge than the Hadith of Muhammad bin Jaabir urrdu is Da’eefMoreover, It is narrated from Umar with several chains that the Prophet peace be upon him did rafa yadain.

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Hafidh ibn Fahd said about him: And if it was not true, then they wouldn’t have uurdu these ahadeeth, because no one should attribute a thing on prophet which he didn’t say.

Raza Hassan Hence, If they would repent from it it’d be goodotherwise, they scholars would get them out of their Majaalis meetings. But he did not do that i. Imam Yahya bin Ma’een said: I saw Malik bin Huwairith saying Takbir yadajn raising both his hands on starting the prayers and raising his hands on bowing and also on raising his head after bowing.

Pdf Books Ocean: Juz Rafa Ul Yadain Book Free Download

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I heard Al-Awzaa’l, from Ghailan bin Anas, he said: Doing Tatbeeq in the Marfoo’ Ahadeeth and the narrations of Sahaba is correct. Grant pardon even to his hands, and raised his hands. Khair Ek momin ko to upar ki ayat hi kaafi hoti hai rafa yadain ki sunnat par amal karne ko. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Raza Hassan pleased with him raised his hands in he beginning of the prayer, then He did not do it. Hadith 92 Fudaik bin Suleman Abu Eesa narrated to us, he said: In Musnad Abi Ya’la, this narration is narrated with these words, “I saw rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallamHe used to start the prayer by doing rafa’ yadain before and after ruku'”, Since this Matn is proven from the other Narrations, therefore, with these words and matn, this hadith of Humaid at-taweel, in the light of Shawahid, is Authentic.