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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Katadyn Survivor 06 Desalinator at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our. Katadyn Survivor • The world’s smallest desalinator. • Hand-operated desalinator for 1 – 6 people. • Provides litres of water per hour, ensures survival in. The smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world.

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Inline activated carbon filter.

Katadyn Survivor 06

For example, the handheld version must be held in both hands while pumping, while the Survivor 35 can be placed on a hard survivorr, leaving one hand free during operation, although it can be a challenge to find a hard surface in a life raft. The heat from the sun makes the water evaporate, and condense into a receptacle, leaving the salt at the bottom of the buoy.

The Katadyn Survivor 06 is the smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world. If onboard supplies run out or become contaminated, an emergency water desalinator can be the difference between survival and a slow death under the hot, unrelenting sun.

KATADYN SURVIVOR 06 Manual Desalinator from ,95 € buy now | SVB Yacht and boat equipment

Customers who bought Katadyn Survivor 06 Water Maker also purchased. This compact, hand-powered emergency desalinator can. Your question will be automatically forwarded to other SVB customers and your question will be published on the product page. They are a leading manufacturer of desalinators, water filters and other water safety products.


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This product is not currently in stock but it will be available within days after your order has been placed. The smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world. Compact and lightweight Recommended for emergency liferafts and individual survival kits Trusted by militaries and individuals katqdyn the globe Specifications: Nobody has rated this product yet Login and rate this product as first.

Katadyn Survivor 06 Water Desalinator

Katadyn has set the standard for manual-powered desalinators for the past three decades. Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision.

Specials Your cart Contact us Login Sign up. Comments There are currently no product reviews Write a review on this product! Aquamate makes a popular model that is semi-durable and comes in a bright orange color to help aid rescue. Hi Tech Core Dependant Line. Discover all the Juice power products now available in New Zealand. Not only do we represent a range of high quality brands, we also provide a complete installation and service facility.


The Katadyn Survivor 06 is the smallest hand-operated emergency desalinator in the world. The output water is distastefully sugary, and sustenance on such a liquid could lead to an upset stomach.

Garmin BlueChart g2 HD. Long life, compact and suurvivor to use this emergency desalinator is a necessity for anyone operating offshore. TeakRail Poll What items are you most interested in purchasing?

This item is only available online and is not available in stores. Compare 0 Open Close. Company Profile Enertec Marine has been supplying the NZ marine, mobile and remote location markets with high quality energy solutions and desalination equipment for over 30 years.

The pressurized reject water is recirculated to the back side of the piston to aid the next stroke, resulting in less work to achieve fresh water. Uses the same reverse osmosis membrane as those in shipboard desalinators.

Available within days after your order has been placed. Ask and answer Number of questions: Is this still a go. Rings – O D and Split.