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Foundations of Christianity is a book by Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky. In it, he attempts to explain the origins of Christianity, and claims that it can best. Religion is not the motor-force of history but great social changes are expressed in changes in religion. In his book Ludwig Feuerbach and the. Foundations of Christianity. Karl Kautsky. Halaman 2. Content. Author’s Foreword . Book One: The Person Of Jesus. I. The Pagan Sources. II. The Christian.

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Kautsky wanted to interpret early Christianity as a precursor of the contemporary working class socialist movement. You can even see this in the Gospel of Luke and chridtianity Epistle of James. Book ratings by Goodreads. Bhaskar Sunkara rated it really liked it Feb 13, For many reasons there developed hostility between them, and the pagan Christians shed much of the Jewish background of Christianity.

His friend, and later his opponent, Rosa Luxemburg, in an article foundatipns called “The Church and Socialism insisted that the first Christian apostles were Communists who denounced injustice and the cult of the Golden Calf”. Click here to sign up. He calls early Christianity’s existence a communism It’s an easy read, mostly because if you have read materialist criticism before, it falls into line.

He also — perhaps initially wrongly — opposed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which very christianlty became bureaucratized and turned into its opposite just as Christianity had centuries earlier.

This is one of the best works I have read on early Christianity, although I have a few reservations.

Next, Kautsky analyses the structure of Roman society, with particular emphasis on the slave-holding system, the Roman Christanity and the historiography of the period. Kautsky at least has the advantage of basing his speculations on economic and historical reality, but it’s still just speculation, and I would rather he had kept to his original promise of beginning with the Christian communities at the time we have evidence for.

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Minsand published by Russell and Russell in A Study in Christian Origins.

Foundations Of Christianity

Kautsky offers a penetrating class analysis of Roman society and the early Christians viewing the Christians as an early proletarian group, with proletarian values but of course restricted to the level of material and cultural development of their day.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I should note that throughout the book, Kautsky, confusingly to those who know he is a Marxist, uses the term “proletariat” or “proletarian” in more christianitt less its original latin sense of those without property, which would include the — very small — proletariat in the modern sense, i.

He became the leading promulgator foundayions Orthodox Founrations after the death of Friedrich Engels. Jun 11, sologdin rated it liked it Shelves: The Christian Sources 3.

The Primitive Christian Congregation 2. Trivia About Foundations of Ch The Pagan Sources 2.

Foundations of Christianity – Wikipedia

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Now, this is not impossible, but it is very speculative as he admitsand I’ve read too many other versions of the “historical Jesus” to be convinced: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Bart rated it liked it Jan 02, Woe unto you that laugh now!

Review of a different Kindle edition, pages For Christmas this year I read a book about Jesus — you know, the “reason for the season” and all that. Jesus had been crucified probably because he had tried to foment violent rebellion against Rome; that is, the fault lay with the Romans, not the Jews. NELS rated it it was amazing Oct 20, The earlier book discusses Christianity in an abstract, philosophical and psychological way, which makes it seem as if it could dhristianity originated in its nineteenth century Lutheran form at any time from the stone age to the present, in any part of the world — the preconditions are all in the nature of man as a species and the development is a kind of quasi-logical deduction.

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The Story of Christ’s Passion 5. Remember that this is the same mob that only yesterday hailed him as a king with cries of hosanna, spread garments before his steps and greeted him jubilantly, without the slightest contradicting voice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Pilate now has his soldiers not only crucify Jesus, but first has him scourged and derided as King of the Jews; christiajity crown of thorns is put on his head, a purple mantle folded about him, the soldiers bend the knee before him, and then they again beat him upon the head and spit on him.

Foundations of Christianity: A Study in Christian Origins by Karl Kautsky

This all makes up more than half the book. May 31, Jack rated it really liked it.

There was no “victory of Christianity” over heathen society, the church that won the victory was one with the previously heathen society it replaced. Karl Kautsky is probably the first Marxist to interest himself both in the movement and the enigmatic personality of the crucified prophet.

Arguments about the clumsy editing of the Gospels by later Christians who wanted to shape Jesus into a peaceful, politically submissive figure. The Foundations of Christianity, by Karl Kautsky. The People of Israel 2.

Jewish Christians and the Pagan Christians 4. This article about a philosophy -related book is a stub. Narrative Exchanges Ian Reid.