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Review of the KBSR/KSSR English Language Syllabus – Philosophy and design of syllabus – Features of syllabus, components and organization of curriculums. KBSR HSP Year 6 by gelamkhovan in Types > Government & Politics. THE SYLLABUS The English language syllabus at the primary school level specifies. KBSR ENGLISH Educational Emphases SYLLABUS. STANDARD The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with.

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KBSR- Constraints and Guidelines

Maximum number of questions that can be asked is ten. The KBSR system forbids the practice of “streaming” or “setting’ students into classes, as it believes that no child should be made to feel inferior or superior to his peers. Therefore, the KBSR teacher should exploit what is readily available – a child’s enlgish curiosity, and his inclination for fun. Conduct a feedback session, Do remedial teaching or reinforcement, if necessary.

Ask students to name a few food-items, and list these on the board. This situation implies that extra, or a different kind syllxbus guidance should be directed at the “weaker” students.

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In order to do this, he can be asked to utilize his previous experience, and enlist the aid and experience of his family and friends. Ask students to come up with a list of categories in topics or areas other than “Food”. The game consists of 3 rounds. Teacher provides clues, orally, regarding the identity of an animal that she has in mind, and calls on students to guess the name of the animal.

Phase II strengthens and builds upon these basic skills: Given below is a list of suggested activities: Students can be asked to sit in groups of four or five, and obtain information about their friends that they could later compile into individual ‘scrap-books” for example “My Classmates”.


For example if a group can guess the answer within ten questions, they get four marks. The system will fail unless the teacher fully understands the syllabjs, aims and methodology that shapes the KBSR.

They can read out their clues, and call upon a student of their choice to guess the animal that he has in mind. Fnglish language is a tool for communication, language learning should also lay stress on this factor. This article aims at providing the KBSR teacher with some guidelines which might be of some help to her in the creation of activities in the language classroom.

They are also taught basic counting, and the mathematical skills of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Explain that the skill of categorization can be extended to other topics, and to many areas of study. The rules of the game are as follows: The KBSR teacher has to be specially trained to handle the new syllaabus assigned to her, but due to the shortage of teachers in the country, she cannot be spared to attend comprehensive in-service training courses.

For example, if the final goal, or terminal skill is “to group words according to categories” KBSR She is heavily loaded with administrative and co-curricular work in addition to her teaching duties.

These skills can be approached in the following manner. A good way to make provisions for these factors is to build in variety as an active ingredient during class activities. These skills can be approached in the following manner – Activity 1: Well-designed tasks would extend learning beyond the classroom, and sylalbus the child to a point where he can view the broader environment around him as a source and resource of kbzr.


The rationale for adopting the integrated or multi-skills approach in any ELT methodology is that this approach reflects authentic language use, where more than one skill is employed.

Most of all, she has to be able to surmount the innumerable obstacles that are at the moment proving to be major stumbling blocks in syllabux effective implementation of the KBSR, for example, the teacher-pupil ratio 1: Students who try should give evidence as to how they arrived at the answer.

She has to, quite often, cope with a frightening teacher-pupil ratio of 1: There is no denying that the role of the Engliah teacher has become extremely challenging, especially in view of the fact that her change of role has received no bureaucratic eenglish. In order to carry out the above activities, students will have to use listening, speaking and writing skills.

Points should be given. Feedback is obtained, and assessed, by other means, for example, oral replies, group presentation aims and class discussion.

Some such measures could be: The example of activities for section 3.

Despite this, many teachers rely heavily on workbooks because they lack both the time and expertise to create their own teaching materials. Ensure that the list is sufficiently comprehensive to enable mbsr types of categorization.

Students should be asked to think of food items that are additional to those already listed on the board.