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Kenjutsu is a Japanese martial arts focused on sword techniques. In contrast to Kendo, Kenjutsu is less focused on sparring and more on technique and katas. The basics of Japanese sword training explained. but all the major categories of Japanese sword training arts – Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kendo have them to some . Kenjutsu is a comprehensive study of Japanese swordsmanship having ties to the Samurai Learn About Kenjutsu Training and Techniques.

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Partially this is done for safety reasons after all, its stands to reason that a dojo full of sword wielding students can be a dangerous place to be! The smaller wakizashi made a good weapon for the off hand, and such a combination was referred to as diasho meaning the long and the short.

Basic Kenjutsu Concepts

Kenjutsu can be performed alone or with an opponent. They won’t pierce the skin whne pressed gently to it, but they will cut if force is applied. O-Sensei, the founder of Aikido, was adept with sword and staff, and he often demonstrated that Aikido techniques could be executed either empty-handed or with the bokken or jo.

This is to protect the metal of the sword as much as the bzsics of the person in question. You can use this to streamline signing up for, or signing in to your Hubpages account. This is a very important point to remember whenever you do Japanese sword training – and you will notice the difference from an overly strong technique and a correct one by the sound it makes as it cuts through the air These movements must come natural – if you have to think of what to do in a duel, you’re dead.


Clip 1, he presses the tip of the blade against his index finger and waves it back and forth A series of 10 Kata drills for Kendo. They arte essentially practice weapons, and potentially safer absics a metal sword. Bring the jo round in a strike to your opponent’s knee, keeping your left hand behind the jo to give power to the strike.

An expert in Kenjutsu is called a Kenjutsuka, and to rise to this level takes months, if not years, of dedicated training. Again, be sure not to power it with the right hand but let speed and the weight of the blade do all the work. Unlike Iwama style weapons training, the close relationship of the body movements in both weapons practice and empty-handed aikido is not emphasized.

The principle use for the jo is as a weapon to counter and attack other aggressors who are armed with similar weapons or as a weapon to neutralise an unarmed attacker. Yes, my kejutsu is: These are classical sword moves which serve as the basis of all the recognized modern sword schools.

Japanese Sword Training Basics

Japanese sword training is something of a lifelong journey. Swing your hips back to the right, changing posture into hidari hanmi while stepping back with your right foot as you push the jo across to your right with your left hand.

It is innaccurate and wrong. The five fighting postures are sword held overhead, sword held to the side, middle thrust, sword pointing down and horizontal.

What Is Kenjutsu and How Does It Differ From Kendo?

Wearing your sword The swords used primarily in jiu jitsu are the katana and the wakizashi. The katana is a versatile sword and is only one of several types of Japanese sword, but it was the preferred sword of most samurai. His action is very bad, he kennutsu no idea of how the sword works to cut, you just don’t need the type of action he is describing to the degree he’s saying! Covering bothe hands, the jitsuka should be able to continue the movement of the thrust going and use it against the attacker to then take them into a wrist lock.


Bring the jo round to extend behind you and make hidari shomen uchi to complete the suburi. Ken Do the way of the sword is bqsics most famous practice of Japanese sword work, but there are many other arts of the sword to learn. Kenjutsu schools tend take a different approach. The Oblique Thrust is done in a way that it overshoots the angle to the target. Bokken are still weapons as much as a baseball bat could be used as a weapon. Nov 7, 5.

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Up inside the outer band over the inner band, then under the inner band, and over the outer band. Share This Page Tweet.

But don’t listen to a thing this guy says, he has no training in anything relating to Japanese arts, swordsmanship or otherwise that I can see here. Both hands should now be at the forward end of the jo. These quick strikes don’t require a feint and can be launched from several starting positions. It consists of actually battling with swords, and basicw main weapon used is the Katana, although kejutsu bokkens can be used to reduce the chances of serious injury.