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: Klonos for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Piet Swerts ( ): Piet Swerts: Books. Sheet music for Piet Swerts: Klonos: buy online. Arrangement: Alto Saxophone. Published by Zodiac Editions. Composer: Swerts. Piet Swerts: Klonos, for saxophone and piano – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (), the largest and best.

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Klonos, for saxophone and piano

Steve P That is, if a composer wants anyone to perform their works. I’ve found a few slight differences in the parts and it’s driving me nuts that some notes and rhythms are inaccurate. He’s a real nice guy!

His fifth piano concerto Wings performed and recorded by the composer has kloonos already many performances after the first year of creation: Yes, ask the man himself!! I hope this helps. Murphy is more than willing to mail out his lecture recital packet to anyone interested in it though.

Piet Swerts: Klonos

He sent me a lot of music and information when I was performing his first Concerto. Steve P Dannel Inhe became Doctor Ph.

Most recordings play it at the slower tempo. Could you elaborate on wrong?

I just haven’t had a real scanner klpnos heheh. Angel PortlandSax Copyright Photograph by Paul De Cloedt So my question, which version do you have if you have pift. I have somewhere in my file a handout that was prepared by Otis Murphy that included background on the piece, analysis, and errata.

For this piece, he received the Grand Prix in the International Queen Elisabeth Composition Competition, the first Belgian composer to win the prize. In Octoberhe was guest conductor of the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra in Caracas, Venezuela, where he conducted a full program Belgian music, including his own compositions.


It’s a useless score and I haven’t performed the piece yet, or even practiced it Chris Dannel What olonos the intended tempos? I have found an unusually high tolerance by composers to disseminate their own music with errors or otherwise incomprehensible scribbling they call notation. I’ve been supposed to scan and send that to a few people and I apologize.

Piet Swerts – Klonos, for saxophone and piano – Classical Archives

I’d like to see that packet I’m definately interested. It is even your chance to become an klonis on the published version’s accuracy. Belgian composer, conductor, and pianist of international acclaim; his large catalog of more than works include stage, orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works. I also figure that this would be a good thread to have in case anyone else was playing this piece and was didn’t know of these errors.

Well I don’t like directly bugging composers too much and i’ve already been back and forth with him on several things. From untilhe became also conductor of the Ensemble for Contemporary Music at the Institute and since that time, he has mostly worked off the base of commissions. Sorry if I hijacked this thread, but I greatly appreciate the kkonos regarding Creston’s comments. Nevertheless, in summerhe participated in a composition summer course with Witold Lutoslawski and Vladimir Kotonsky in Poland.

Swerts has been invited as a guest-conductor in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Poland, and China, where he conducted the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in with his own works. Swerts, Piet Jozef b. A quick dwert search doesn’t produce any related quotes. After corresponding with one particular composer, I was sent music that had been hand[written], ie [scribbled], with notes so small you would wonder how it was ever done in the first place.

Also, how do you know that the rhythm’s and notes are inaccurate if you have only the PDF? So at the end, this will hopefully help others instead of a bunch of people contacting him directly as that might get annoying.


I have the full recording of Brian Sacawa playing it if anyone pieg it. So if anyone else is interested I can upload it swdrt be available. I have been thinking about starting on this piece in the future. As a composer, he considers himself as autodidactic. I figured others who may be able to study this piece with someone very familiar with the piece such as Otis Murphy might have better answers.

Paul Creston once commented that the tempos were entirely wrong in the Sonata, and they were wrong because his publishing editor changed them Creston told all saxophonists dwert the International Saxophone Competition in Gap, France that he would like the tempo’s changed in the Sonata to: He’s very generous and helpful, so don’t hesitate!

Ok so, I know there’s a published version of this By Ascolta and they are incredibly hard to get a hold of. Klonos by Piet Swerts Dannel Dannel Try this link it has all of Piet Swerts’ contact information. Inhe became a member swsrt the Royal Academy of Arts of Belgium. So Sewrt don’t know if i’ve caught everything or not. I just thought it’d be educational since there are many pieces out there that have several publishing errors. I’ve always wondered whether some of those were true errors, or errors from an overly ambitious editor Klonos by Piet Swerts.

I may or may not find it, but I would urge you to contact Otis to see if he could send it to you.