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Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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Always close at hand — continually available Knauf K-Sentials Binders for perfect results. Hier erfahren Sie mehr.

Knauf – K-Sentials (EN)

Both the technology for desulphurization anaetzgips well as the development for the application of FGD gypsum in the building materials industry is based on our research and development work and our comprehensive know-how as well as close cooperation with the operators of power plants.

Our manufacturing sites in Germany allow us to manufacture promptly and flexibly — with premium quality. The can be used as a release and anti-caking agent, as a grinding additive and extender in the manufacture of flour, a booster knauc increase the sugar yield from sugar beet, as a water hardness regulator and food additive E Find out more about K-Sentials.

Anrufer, die nicht mit Telefonnummer in der Knauf Adressdatenbank angelegt sind, z. They are also suitable for the manufacture of feedstuffs, as an extender and as a source of calcium ions. It also differentiates between conventional CA calcium sulphate screed and CAF calcium sulphate flowing screed.


Thus calcium sulphate screed is an ideal heated screed that is both energy-efficient and quick to respond to temperature changes. Find out more about alpha gypsum Additional Gypsums Production, use, product information – all about thermal and natural anhydrite.

Flowing Screed Binders

Your requirements — our recipe Knauf special gypsums are matched to suit your requirements. It is also suitable for knauc work. As soon as waterless anhydrite comes into contact with water, it gradually reverts back into gypsum.

Natural gypsum The white natural gypsum stone was formed over several geological eras.

Impression plaster Impression plaster is manufactured from Plaster of Paris mixed with setting accelerators, colourings, fillers and flavourings. You define your specifications — we develop knquf ideal recipe.

Knauf K-Sentials

Flowing Screed Binders Binders for perfect results. Flowing screed can be heated up after just 4 to 7 days after installation so that the screed dries even faster. Choose the compounds that deliver the best results for you. When the screed is installed without joints, it is the ideal substrate for laying large format and diagonally laid tiles or natural stone coverings. It is not necessary to additionally sand off the surface, if installed according to the application regulations.

The aggregates do not need to be dried when multicameral silos are used. They impress our customers with their high levels of mechanical strength. CF5 Download product data sheet. Furthermore, heat up at an early stage accelerates the building phase and the calcium sulphate screed is possibly ready within 4 to 7 days.


Knauf – K-Sentials

Gypsum rock is one of the most important mineral building materials. This process has prevailed in both Western and Eastern Europe. The German Federal Emission Control Law Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz fromstipulates that fossil fuel based combustion plants require flue gas desulphurization plants FGD. It is easy to use and is characterized by its smooth surface, a relatively high expansion and a low compressive strength.

CAB 30 Classification acc.

Alpha hemihydrate Alpha hemihydrate Thermal anhydrite Our service Compounds on an alpha hemihydrate basis. Our K-Sentials compounds intended for use in the truck mixer or as a factory-mixed dry mortar, are specially formulated for these applications.

Download product data sheet. Flowing screed compound on a thermal anhydrite basis for manufacturing calcium sulphate flowing screed as factory-mixed dry mortar. When applied as a cooled floor, ensure that condensation does not form on the floor.

Dental stone Dental stone is also easy to work and is abrasion resistant. It consists of a compressor, refrigeration section and heater section.

Bulk and Big Bag Graining: The knaf flowability ensures that the heating tubes are securely enveloped ensuring that the heat is transferred completely to the screed.