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View & download of more than Korg PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Synthesizer, Musical instrument user manuals, operating. Korg DRV – Korg DVR was an early dig reverb circa Check this page above under the heading: ‘Product manual or files’. Oddly enough though, Korg have taken what some might consider a retrograde step with the design of the DRV for it does not make use of the typical.

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I just got one with several issues, water damage,rusted pc board cntacts not all keys play. A 99 second reverb decay is no use whatsoever on a bar blues, but can be beneficial on Eno-like ‘ambient’ meanderings.

mxnual Very easy to use. The DRV then is not for those of you who want unusual or unnatural reverb effects; it is, generally speaking, more a solid, reliable provider of natural-sounding reverb.

Downloads | DRV – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

On a preset unit like this, there really is no need for an alternative arrangement. You are probably all hanging on the edge of your seats by now desperate for me to relieve the tension by revealing just how many reverb programs the DRV has. MIDI is absent from this unit, incidentally, but savings obviously needed to be made somewhere. Can u e-mail it? We have hundreds of manuals added to the site!

Korg DRV – Korg DVR was an early dig reverb circa

It’s survived alot of band use and show The Tarkus is a powerful sixteen note virtual analogue synthesizer capable of very realistic vint The reverb times have been wisely set at the factory to match each reverb ‘pattern’ small hall, room, garage etc and to present you with 8 realistic variations of each reverb type which are all infinitely usable treatments, some more than others obviously, but none strike you as being good only for those ‘once in kogg blue moon’ occasions other than the Reverse reverb effect perhaps.


If you can find one, give it a go, if your looking for that secret sauce that makes your sound different. It sounds really great but there are a few problems. Is the original programming tape for the korg polysix avalable anywhere Email supplied but hidden Activity: I bought this incredible machine in Manyal, year Click image for higher resolution version.

Korg DRV-1000

Looking for the manual? However, its restricted choice of operating level dBm jack output only precludes it from being considered serious enough for top-class professional applications it’s almost quiet enough thoughbut you would be flabberghasted if it weren’t so for this price.

To receive automated replies be srv to add a valid email address! What I find surprising is just how long it has taken those companies – and particularly the Japanese ones, who hardly ever fail to capitalise on somebody else’s good ideas – to get their own low-cost models on the market. It is not as transparent in its sound as others may like, adding a certain degree of character to the input signal, but this is not at all unpleasant- in fact it is the exact opposite.

Sound On Sound – Dec Use it over my snare, sounds great. Give it a whirl. This can be selected from the front panel or via a footswitch if you wish.


Korg manuals

Korg UK Company Link: Damp’ facility simulates this very well but, used on the same reverb pattern, the variation is not enough to warrant its distinction as two programs, which is why I prefer to think of the unit as having 64 presets not You must change a battery ,its not complicated Cr than You can save it Add your comments here for the product: It was my first synth. More choices in this product category from other kofg I was DJ in Benidorm, Spain About the Korg DDM i think that is one of the best percussion drum machine every made the cowb After all, nine months allows even the poorest of potential purchasers adequate time to save up and not have their minds changed by the sudden launch of a comparable unit at a better price in the meantime.

That total is Korg’s incidentally: Looking for the user manual? I kinda like the way it loooks, but hate it at the same time. I still have one, in beautiful condition, in my home studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

Also featuring gear in this article. It coped admirably with a wide range of input signals from various sources – ‘taped’ drums, live vocal, electric guitar, synths, live bass drum just to see if it would handle the level and even the drf piano.