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Softshell, water resistant, steam-permeable and elastic jacket with water proof zippers. Vhodn do pranho prosted, proti nrazu letcch stic i proti roztiku kapalin.

Winter vest with reinforcement on pockets and shoulders. Ukchask boots without toe cap, EVA sole and leather upper. Tyto rukavice neobsahuj latex, proto jejich pouvn nepedstavuje kuchazk alergi typu I.

Podzemn vody R – kompletn obsah Documents. LEPEN VY Lepen vy jsou pedpokladem nepromokavosti, jedn se o nataven plastov psky na vech z vnitn strany, kde by itm naruen materil promokal. Coloured smoke, clear PC visor, temples with adjustable length, tinted black, blue semirimmless mount.

FAGOR CFI-4GLSTABUT Hob download user guide for free – AB9D |

CUFF Cuff is a modified stripe of fashion material, usually textile or knitted fabric, made by a turndown or sewing so that it fits close to a certain body part. Kuvhask Neoprene is an elastic synthetic rubber made from polychloroprene rubber and is used for safety suits diving, windsurfing, yachting and other water sports manufacturing. Ochrn vae brle ped opotebenm a ty kuchaks tak budou slouit dle.

To achieve high safety properties we use the best professional materials, computer biomechanical modeling, high technologies of cutting, sewing, assembling and serious tests. Tento materil je vhodn pro vrobu odv a vybaven pro myslivce, batoh, zavazadel, cyklistick obuvi nebo zimnch sportovnch a pracovnch odv. Thermoinsulated waterproof jacket with hood and sealed seams. Nrmy set – waist jacket with lining, pocket and overlaid zipper and press sutds closures, and pant with multifunctional pockets.

erva kompletn katalog

We have jointly developed new protection technologies with industry names such as Dupont Kevlar, partnered with companies like DSM Dyneema to offer materials that offer exceptional protection against cuts and abrasion, and carried out research with leading university departments The University of Birmingham School of Psychology, UK. Antistatic waterproof overall Tyvek Industry DuPont with collar, resistant against chemical solutions, asbestos and dust.


Adjustable angle between visor and temples Nastaviteln dlka stranic Adjustable length of temples Quatroflex – 4 komfortn poltky pro maximln pohodl Quatroflex – 4 soft pads for maximum comfort Duo-flex – jedinen patentovan poltek na konci stranic Duo-flex – unique, patented pad on end of tamples Vhodn pro pouit s dioptrickmi brlemi Suitable for using with correction glasses Lehce se ist Easy to cleanwww. Pockets are divided into groups according to their placement inside, outsideposition on clothing side, back, front, chest etc.

Brle – s jedinenou flexibilitou rmu – jsou vhodn pro vechny velikosti hlavy. Mkk, prun stranice lze naklonit. Antistatic waterproof overall Tychem F DuPont with hood, sealed seams, resistant against concentrated inorganic and kuchaak chemicals and ultra fine particles, belongs to category III, type 3 and 4. Ladies work pants with pockets. Thermoinsulated vest with pockets.

Work pants with pockets. Safety shoes with steel toe cap, fuel resistant PU sole and combination leather textile upper. Safety boots with steel toe cap, antistatic, antislip and fuel resistant sole, energy absorption in heel and breathable leather upper. Disposable protective arm cover. Safety spectacles, colourless visor, folding side shield, suitable for using with corrective lenses.

Vzamstnn trvme mnoho asu a sprvn vybran pracovn odv nm tento as me zpjemnit. Baseball cap with head circumference adjustment by a metal clip. Reversible pants with fused sealed seams and adjustable leg length. Multipurpose shoes with antislip, petrol, diesel, acid and alkali resistant sole made according to GOODYEAR technology, quality water resistant leather upper and plastic kuchasj cap providing protection of up to joule.

You may choose shoes of European or Chinese origin and from several different shoe types sandals, low shoes, ankle type, thermo insulated, gum boots or galoshes. Vektor je lenem Nomex Quality Program spolenosti DuPont v oblasti vvoje a vroby neholavch ochrannch odv. UNI rozmr 71x cm Barva: Lens surface is AS-AF, i.

Mono nasadit na dioptrick brle. Safety shoes with steel toe cap and insole, acid and oil resistant TPU sole and leather upper. Rozptlen stice maj velikost od 10 nm do m, co odpovd shlukm nkolika molekul a sticm tak hmotnm, e u nemohou snadno poletovat v atmosfe. Exceeds ENF by over six times. Dky vtakm zvilnu a hemnku pokoku chrn a regeneruje, neobsahuje silikon ani parfemaci. Norm with removable sleeves and pant prewashed with enzymes, with hem reinforcement and multifunctional pockets.


For use with ml and ml soft bottles. Disposable nitrile gloves with trimmed cuffs have great sensitivity and improved handiness for fine aplications, services and operations such as meal preparation, fruit, vegetable and dairy products processing, food distribution, catering or maintanance tasks. Armpit or back air vents strongly help notmy ventilate air. Is this manual helpful? Sthnte si kompletn nabdku naich vystoupen zde Documents. Wire mesh full face shield, headgear with browguard.

Spectacles with polycarbonate visor, angle adjustable temples, sport design, antiscratch and antifog bormy, class F according to EN – protection against low energy impact, gray visor with sunglare filter according to EN Spectacles with tinted yellow, smoke and clear PC visor, black blue temples with adjustable length and angle, black blue semirimmless mount, ergonomic design, extra light, soft nose bridge, antiscratch, antifog and antistatic visor of class F, easily replaceable, protective filter for UV-A radiation, partially UV-B and UV-C, side protection according to EN standard.

Ve stedovku se pak staly nenahraditelnou soust rytskho odvu, kdy slouily jako estn odznak nebo i symbol poven, byly tak odznakem crkevnm, ale i vldnm, tedy krle. The Speedglas S and S filters have single dark kuchwsk of 10 and 11, respectively, and a light shade of 3. Most commonly it is used for bottom part of sleeve endings of shirts, blouses, jackets or pant legs. Thermoinsulated jacket with extended back.

V ppad vaeho zjmu nevhejte s dalmi dotazy kontaktovat vaeho obchodnho zstupce, pop.