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Today I received an uncommon English translation of a Kuji Goshin Ho manual, along with the Japanese text in traditional Japanese sutra style. 05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho. This vid is about the Kuji and Haya Kuji in a traditional way. More information. Saved by. ღ Slavica Juric ღ. Kuji Goshin Ho (九字護身法) is in essence a ritual ceremony of spiritual self protection that employs Kuji Kiri and Kuji In to call upon the strongest spirits in the .

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The dualistic influence of inyogoku yin yang dualism is apparent only in respects to the mudra of certain kuji rituals.

Therefore i do not take any responsibility in any outcome of misusing this item. Hands together, ring fingers cross each other to touch opposite index fingers, middle fingers crossed over them.

Japanese Kuji Goshin Ho – Ninpo Mikkyo Shugendo Manual

Kuji-in is used as part of kkji ritual in Shinto, [3] and is used to purify a person with a waterfall. Below is gosbin such list belonging to a Shinto school in the Yamato region.

Tips of ring fingers pressed together, tips of pinkies pressed together, but both sets of ring and pinky fingers are separated to form a V shape or bird beak.

Retrieved 27 June The truth of things is that they are neither real nor unreal. Reviews XX Write a review! This description also applies to the next two mudra, gebbaku-in gesture of the outer bond and its immediate counterpart neibbaku-in gesture of the inner bound.

Mantra is, Gpshin irotahi chanoga jiba tai sowaka. View my complete profile. Kuji-kiri – Kuji Kiri “nine symbolic cuts” is found today in Shugendo the religion of Japanese Mountain Priests, ShugenjaShingon Mikkyo an esoteric Buddhist sect and many old and traditional schools “ryuha” of Japanese martial arts including but not exclusive to schools that have ties with Ninjutsu. Ring and pinky fingers are straight.


Japanese Kuji Goshin Ho – Ninpo Mikkyo Shugendo Manual | #

Hands together, pinkies and ring fingers interlocked often on the inside. In Japanese, the nine syllables are: Buddhist meditation Hand gestures.

There are hundreds of mudras in Shingon alone. From Gohsin, the free encyclopedia. According to the Baopuzi, the kuji is a prayer to avert difficulties and baleful influences and to ensure things proceed without difficulty. As it should be apparent, the kuji are a very adaptable ritual which has, and will likely continue to be, adapted to the local needs of the individual or organization.

The kuji-in are used in a number of their meditations, both those related simply to their religious practice and those dealing with their martial arts; in some ways, they are used similarly to the Taoist ideas in Chinese internal martial arts some of the ideas of Chinese internal arts are, however, incorporated in many Japanese arts, including ninjutsu and jujutsu. In fact, not only gozhin these two related mudras represent the alpha and omega by themselves, but the two lions associated with them take this association a step further.

Second Life Destination Guide Thousands of places hl explore. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

The kuji-in are a tool to be used in meditation, and are frequently over-simplified in popular culture as being a form of magic.

These mudras are obvious yin and yang counterparts. Akanbe Finger Loser Talk to the hand. What is Kuii Life?

Arrows to Heaven and Earth Reprint ed. Especially in regards to the first and last mudras, the mudras associated with the syllables “to” and “sha”, “kai” and “jin”. Mudra is, Chiken-in “seal of the wisdom fist,” also known as “seal of the interpenetration of the two realms. This page was last edited on 18 Augustat Right hand gohin index finger, and thumb is pressed onto left index’s nail.

The Kuji Blog: Kuji Goshin Ho Translation In The House!

Mantra is, On ishanaya intaraya sowaka. This is significant in that the concept of yin and yang is seen as encompassing all the cosmic phenomena, all eternity between the two polar opposites. There as many as 81 variations to the Kuji-in within certain sects of Buddhism in Japan, to say nothing of other mudra that are also used.


Ku-ji itself is a very flexible practice that can be modified depending on the needs of the practitioner. It means, “May all evils flee me and the essential procedure present no trouble. There are in fact several zokushu rituals that Kakuban designed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Fuju shu lists rituals, 26 of them kuji-ho.

Kuji-practice board – Protect yourself from evil energy!

Hands form a circle, thumbs on top and fingers on the bottom, right hand overlapping left up to the knuckles. Kuji-kiri is explained in Shugendo texts, quite correctly, kujii a preparatory ritual of protection, to cut off demonic influences and their inki vital substance Waterhouse, Finger binary Chinese number gestures Chisanbop.

This is the other kuji ho that most directly deals with the martial arts, the most direct being the above kuji hon-i. As to why there appears to be no correlation between the mudra and kujii and the representative deities is unknown at this time. In so long as the overall structure gooshin esoteric practice is understood, that being the practice of sanmitsu, then the kuji can be adopted to fit almost any need. Jikoku-ten Dhrtarastra – Skt. If you need such services, please consult a qualified, licensed professional.

Rather these kuji and juji originated strictly within Japanese Buddhism is unlikely as Jodo Shinshu is, like many things in Japanese theology, influenced by Taoism.