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As viewed from the southeast, the Kunsthal is intersected by a service road Architecture (OMA), cofounded by Dutch design mastermind Rem Koolhaas, Hon . Masterclass Rem Koolhaas — Exclusive for students. Specially for its 25th anniversary, on Thursday 2 November the Kunsthal will focus on. The architect Rem Koolhaas was asked to draw up a design for the present location on the Westzeedijk. His first design, Kunsthal Hoboken Draft Plan (27 April.

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However, the set is permanently subjected to the presence or absence and the approach and the distance to other premises. Archdaily read the article. Interstices are formed transmitting a sense of instability and unrest. The main entrance has been moved to the Museumpark.

The themes of the activities vary depending on the exhibitions. We advice you to come by public transport. You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. OMA – Rem Koolhaas. Each exhibition space has its own character and atmosphere, use of material and format.

Daylight is filtered through various layers; the alternation of window and matt glass affords surprising vistas, making the Kunsthal very suitable for all kinds of exhibitions.

More exposition space projects. Tours and special receptions tem request. Is located in the vicinity of the Erasmus Bridge in Kunzthal, Netherlands, in the quiet area of a park, along an avenue of intense traffic.


The work immediately attracted wide international attention for such features as its innovative use of material, the position of the entrance, and the steep ramps.

The result is expressed as a series of changing images, variously integrated, autonomous or partial readings. Its position, wedged between a busy highway and the koolhaa of museums and green spaces known as the museum park, allows it to function as a gateway to Rotterdam’s most prized cultural amenities.

We prefer you log in when posting a comment. Lightweight and transparent from one side, the other translucent rose to affirm the presence of the building in its communicative function, especially in the avenue. As a whole it seems straightforward: Materials The Kunsthal is steel, concrete, stone cladding, glazing, also translucent corrugated iron sheets or plywood. This concludes sector at the top with an orange beam that does not pass unnoticed, especially as it appears on a small nomadic with his camel strident figurative abstraction in the midst of so muchwhich produces some strangeness in the everyday.

The Building – Kunsthal

Fragmentation is the end result of this collage of materials and components that adhere to seek their own direction.

Architecture with many faces The Kunsthal building has many faces. The Kunsthal was officially opened on 1 November One of the access ramp starts at the park and connects to the building across the avenue, in this place is difficult to define whether we are inside or outside, as if it were a problem of inclusions, this element is also the link between interior and exterior of the gallery.


Corrupting the pure form, the geometric distortion produced by the imbalance.

However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. After an intense renovation lasting seven months, the ,unsthal reopened on 1 February More information and reservations: Columns inclined defy gravity; slabs, large flat stone, are conceived as elements which emerge from the columns of concrete, metal or wood. A small street to vehicular traffic drilled perpendicular to the square pit producing ramps.

Kunsthal/Rem Koolhaas

Ramps acquired a role as a connector and as builders of the proposed space. Cookies Kunsthla are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. More projects in Rotterdam. His columns, refer to the trunks of forest trees lost, the ceiling painted black back to the night, the room receives light from the skylights is pure day.