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La conquête de Plassans qui donne son titre au quatrième roman des Rougon- Macquart est l’ambition que précisément s’est fixée Faujas, prêtre bonapartiste. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 98 by Émile Zola. La Conquête de Plassans by Émile Zola. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 98 by Émile Zola. The Conquest of Plassans (La Conquête de Plassans) by Émile Zola. Book Cover.

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La Conquête de Plassans by Émile Zola – Free Ebook

Jul 11, Kelly Marcu rated it really liked it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In this case the priest Faujas who, like a succubus, takes over everything from the spiritual awakening of Mme Plassand to the politics of Plassans. Zola non delude mai nell’approfondimento psicologico dei personaggi e nella descrizione dell’ambiente che li circonda.

A really great read. This one gets a little subtle in terms of the social manipulations and hence harder to enjoy.

Even his minor character don’t feel like cardboard cutouts, but perhaps I just don’t see them like others might, and I’ll acknowledge it here and now. He moved among the couples Mouret, from where it gradually spins its web on the minds and in power.

This book, if compared to the series so far, was a light read with easy writing. Multiple stray thoughts occurred to me as I was sighing and bemoaning my way throu 6. His works, inspired by the concepts of heredity Claude Bernardsocial manichaeism and idealistic socialism, resonate with those of Nadar, Manet and subsequently Flaubert.

What follows is a descent into black manipulation, cynical politics, unspoken lust, and the sheer psychotic-itude?

Df so glad it didn’t end the way I thought it would. Also there is his contempt for small town life and its petty feuds and backbiting social life.


La Conquête de Plassans – Wikipedia

Published December 5th by Editorial Axioma first published I’m so happy for the last fifty pages, they restored my faith in Connqute I gave the book 5 stars because Zola is a genius, but that being said, there was a bit too much repetition of certain thematic material, to the point approaching melodrama.

The descent into madness seemed a bit rapid for me but this is a quibble. And slowly, Zola drove us crazy until the end. This book is seriously mental.

The Conquest of Plassans (La Conquête de Plassans) by Émile Zola

The hypocrisy of the clergy, social status, vicious gossip and the descent into madness and its consequences are just a few of the themes that drive this tale of human frailty and ambition. From the very first ten pages there is an air of ruthlesness about to befall upon these people and it grows with every word. Behold the Stars is a blog I follow and she is totally nuts about Zola. These characters were too far-fetched even for me, and I say that having lived in the shadow and grip of small-town catholic Ontario where the priests and nuns ruled the zlla with iron fists; where the manipulations and maneuverings could have been the prototypes for Zola’s people, had they lived in his time.

Lisa Hill on June 22, at 2: Refresh plassahs try again. Francois suggests that his wife lead an effort to start a home for young girls. The Faujas infiltrated Plassans to return to the city in favor of Bonapartist power. I found each character equally dislikable and irritating. Jul 25, David Cain rated it it was amazing. Francois is slightly compulsive in his behaviour and Marthe clearly suffers from some sort of mental illnesswhich Zola intended to portray as a genetic consequence of the Rougon-Macquart family’s tangled ancestry.

While there might not be any huge surprises, I wasn’t able to see the turns of plot pa the las I do so like Zola – might even be 5 stars, but I feel I have to leave some room in the ratings for even better reads. My translation is the Elek books version by Brian Rhys. C’est du vrai Zola.


This story concerns a priest with a murky past and murkier present who moves to Plassans genetic seat of the eponymous families of the series and becomes a boarder with a certain family.

On the face of it this could have been a relatively dull series of political observations, but instead by the end it is almost a melodrama, such is the anticlerical fury which Zola instils in his work. This begins a sequence of events that forever changes the town of Plassans, its social elite and the Rougon and Mouret familes. Et quand les parasites se multiplient, c’est l’intoxication.

Jan 16, Softymel rated it it was amazing. My body was seriously shaking a bit when the image of Mouret who danced around his burning house zol to my mind. He became a figurehead among the literary bourgeoisie and organized cultural dinners with Guy de Maupassant, Joris-Karl Dd and other writers at his luxurious villa in Medan near Paris after For details of the CAL licence for educational institutions contact: No matter how much I read, llassans were always at least pages plassqns to go.

The end really saved the book, I was so afraid at one point this book would be predictable. Mouret, of course, shifts his opinion back again too.