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Get this from a library! La cuestión étnica: algunos problemas teórico- metodológicos. [Rodolfo Stavenhagen]. La Cuestión Étnica. Derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas. Conflictos étnicos y estado nacional. Entre la ley y la costumbre: el derecho. Rodolfo Stavenhagen, sociólogo, investigador y profesor emérito del La cuestión étnica, Derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas.

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East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Percent children of indigenous parents classified as indigenous by years of education of mother a. More interestingly, having an absent parent also increases the odds of acquiring proficiency in an indigenous language for the child compared to having another parent who does not speak the language, particularly if the stavejhagen parent is the father.

Several community-level characteristics are ridolfo expected to increase the odds that a child of an indigenous parent will also be classified as indigenous.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. International Labour Organization; Municipal-level random effects are necessary to properly estimate the regression coefficients for the municipal-level predictors described below. Having at least one indigenous school in the municipality is associated with Newbury House Publishers; Other programs target entire communities considered to be indigenous CDIthus providing little incentive for individuals to claim an indigenous identity.

La Jornada: Falleció Rodolfo Stavenhagen, constructor de instituciones

Results Descriptive Results Figure 1 shows the percentage of individuals in different age groups stavenhagdn are classified as indigenous based on language proficiency and proxy self-identification according to the Mexican census. Race and the Census in Modern Politics. However, the stavenhgen of indigenous language proficiency takes on a greater significance in Mexico because the ability to speak an indigenous language continues to be used as an indicator of ethnicity by researchers and policy makers e.


These children will consequently not be classified as indigenous according to the language criterion used by the Mexican census. However, all laa results presented below were replicated using language comprehension as an alternative criterion. Johns Hopkins University Press; However, this finding does not appear to extend to the private sector, where an indigenous identity does not generally serve as a resource for career advancement.

Indigenous schools are administered by the Mexican Ministry of Public Education.

Little Brown and Company; To control for the effect of intermarriage I therefore include as a predictor the indigenous identification of the other parent in the regression models for both indigenous mothers and fathers. The proportion of municipal residents 5 years of age or older who speak an indigenous language, and the proportion identified as indigenous according to the census are used to control for the relative size of the indigenous population in the regression models for language proficiency and proxy self-identification respectively.

Many other censuses and household surveys worldwide, including the U. Because the dependent variable is now expressed as a probability instead of log odds, the scale of the coefficients is different. Evidence from other Indo-Latin American countries suggests that Mexico may not be unique in the resurgence of indigenous identification. It is much less common, however, for an individual to speak an indigenous language and yet not be considered a member of any indigenous group.

Muere Rodolfo Stavenhagen, sociólogo mexicano defensor de los derechos indígenas

Brazilian children of higher socioeconomic status parents are significantly more likely to be classified in whiter categories Schwartzman ; Francis and Tannuri-Pianto The World Bank; Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for all Variables. Following critics who charged that language proficiency was an overly restrictive and externally-imposed criterion for indigenous identification e.

There are some limited contexts in which claiming an indigenous identity may serve to advance a professional career. Only English by the Third Generation? Racial Ambiguity among the Brazilian Population.


Algunas reflexiones sobre ‘lo Tepehua’ como dilema cultural

Editorial Nuestro Tiempo; Second-generation assimilation and exclusion in France, Germany, and the United States. Limiting the analysis in this way also ensures that the method used for classifying the mother and the father is as close as possible to self-identification.

Los indios mexicanos en el umbral del milenio. In this program indigenous children of primary and pre-school age are taught in their native language Tinajero and Englander Bulletin of Latin American Research.

Muere Rodolfo Stavenhagen, sociólogo mexicano defensor de los derechos indígenas

However, the land reform program by which indigenous communities and others could be provided titles to stavenhafen in Mexico effectively ended with the reform of the agrarian laws in However, sociological research on boundary duestion has focused mostly on Afro-Latin American countries such as Brazil. Since all Mexican children should have started first grade by the time they are 7 years old, any child whose age is no more than 7 years greater than their last completed school year is considered to be in an age-appropriate grade or higher.

American Journal of Sociology.

Statistical models are frequently used, for example, to examine the differences in educational attainment, occupational status and income between individuals in different lx and ethnic categories, and to apportion the differences into various explanatory factors e.

Sampling weights used in all calculations. Footnotes 1 Programs sponsored by government agencies in charge of indigenous affairs are often focused on matters such as the respect of human rights and the preservation rdoolfo indigenous languages and cultures CDI