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I’ve struggled with his books, but always ended up fascinated. I would have given this oracylo stars if only because of the high points, but that would ,a cheating. The Best Books of I can see, smell and feel New York There are some really nice passages though, and it’s interesting to read one of his books that has a decidedly more domestic kind of feel to it than a lot of his other work.

I ended up being irritated by it. And then, I am always proved wrong.

Oracle Night by Paul Auster

Hmm, they say that you either love or hate Paul Auster’s works. There aren’t many books that make a serious attempt to explore synchronicity, but this is one. But the number of things wrong with, to take the biggest example, Sidney’s trip with Chang to the sex club Books by Paul Auster.

It’s a lovely, recursive study in storytelling and memory, but I couldn’t let go of the women at the center of the story, and the emptiness in the writing for them. It had sparks of creativity, but in each of the cases, seemed to be dropped before completion. It is very like Hustvedt’s, though it’s also quite easy to tell the difference. Sure, it is the point of entry, the conceit, but that is not what is delivered whilst reading this. Jul 08, Kevin Fanning rated it liked it. There were three characters that were not white.


Be consistent, follow through, have book covers that are representative of how disappointing your work is! Un pedigri Patrick Modiano. I was completely into the story that the protagonist was writing. He’s finally over stepped the mark.

La noche del orĂ¡culo

The ending is niche dissappointing, and for such a gripping start, it oracilo it the more frustrating experience. Until, again, some reveals auater in the novel that compl So I got this out of the library after loving Travels in the Scriptorium; there are parts of it I enjoyed quite a bit, but also some parts that grated in ways I suspect Auster didn’t intend, and ultimately the best part of this one for me was the offhanded revelation, late in the book, of where a major part of Travels in the Scriptorium came from.

Raar voor een Auster-fan maar waar: I regret that because the first nine tenths of the novel are fun to read. As in any true friendship, mutual as it may be, real life sometimes gets in the way and complications arise.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. However, only the main story line heads towards any type of conclusion in this book, while the others stall midway, again, demonstrating randomness, perhaps?

Quotes from Oracle Night. Oracle Night by Paul Auster – 4 stars 5 23 May 20, The lesson of randomness however, is quite powerful, because after the oravulo event, all previous efforts by those affected seem trivial and unecessary.


Oracle Night

And so from here I feel comfortable with Auster again, and will pick up another down the line I’m sure until Ls hit another sour grape. I thought the narrator was kind of slow in seeing what was going on, so in a sense his stunning conclusion at the end was a confirmation of what I’d been thinking all along.

Through the entire story I had the feeling I was on the verge of stumbling on the meat of it, but it never happened. Like I said, I iraculo know what to say about this book. Return to Book Page.

So here we have Sidney Orr, just released from the hospital after recovering from an almost fatal disease. The writing was good. It was actually all good until the end. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I don’t ausger if I will again read anything by Paul Auster. I give this 2 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed the beginning of this one.

I was hoping that would lead to all kinds of mysterious back and forth between the stories, and a sudden litany of questions about what’s real and what’s the story, but this turned out to not be that kind of book. El Bigote Emmanuel Carr’re.