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LABOUCHERE’S AMENDMENT TO THE CRIMINAL. LAW AMENDMENT BILL. THE 1 lth clause of the Criminal Law Amendments Act (48 & 49 Vic. cap. The Labouchere Amendment to the Criminal Law Amendment Act in the United Kingdom was named after the Member of Parliament who introduced it to . In the Victorian era, common wisdom held that women were passive, sexually innocent beings who did not initiate sexual contact, while men possessed a lustful.

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Internet History Sourcebooks Project. London and New York, The Criminal Law Amendment Act or “An Act to make further provision for the Protection of Women and Girls, the suppression of brothels, and other purposes” was the latest in a albouchere series of legislation in the United Kingdom beginning with the Offences Against the Person Act that raised the age of consent and delineated the penalties for sexual offences against women and minors.

Under Elizabeth I it was placed on the statue books again in where it stayed until when it was decided to replace the death penalty for convicted offenders with imprisonment for at least ten years, and possibly for life.

It also strengthened existing legislation against prostitution and recriminalised male homosexuality.

An 1885 disgrace

Retrieved 19 September This lack of clarity is partly of the consequence of the retrospective interpretations of those, like the Liberal MP Henry Labouchere, who took it upon themselves to change the law and thereby reinvigorate public morals. Hall, and Gert Hekma editors. But the SpeakerArthur Peelresponded that under procedural rules any amendment was permitted as long as Parliament permitted it. Henry Labourchere, the Liberal-Radical M.


One member questioned whether Labouchere’s amendment had anything to do with the original intent of the bill – sex crimes relating to young women and prostitution.

This chapter, instead, analyses the conflict, chaos and ambivalence that labuchere amongst ministers and administrators at the Home Office in the late nineteenth century, in respect to control and punishment of sex between men.

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July 291: Until sodomy was punishable by death; in that year the penalty was reduced to penal servitude of between ten years laboucnere life; but less homosexual practices were not then illegal. Furthermore, the prevalence of laboucjere conduct is attested by the fact that sodomy was regarded from early times as an ecclesiastical offence, although it did not become a felony and thus subject to ordinary criminal jurisdiction until the reign of Henry VIII.

These dossiers contain materials on this issue relating to the late s and were closed in using the one hundred year closure rule, the most stringent tool secrecy available to government. The charge against Queensberry was urged by Queensberry’s son Lord Alfred Douglaswho reluctantly fled to France at laboucherw time to avoid possible arrest.

This clause, poet Symonds noticed, served essentially as a conspiracy charge, allowing for a broader pool of convictions. labouchege

For instance, France had decriminalized sex between consulting adult males with the implementation of the Codes Napoleon In the Commons, after a second reading without comment, it was referred to a committee of the whole House. This amendment outlawed male homosexual activity, while ignoring lesbian activity.

Speaker Arthur Peel responded that under procedural rules any amendment was permitted as long as Parliament permitted it. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription. Sexual Labouhcere in Europe Natural histories.


Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Actcommonly known as the Labouchere Amendmentmade ” gross indecency ” a crime in the United Kingdom. The major legislative changes were in, and Prior to this it was the role of the church to regulate homosexuality and it was called sodomy.

However, inBritish legislation did not create a specific legal category of a legal class or type of men who would have sex with other men.

This act amndment for keeping information from being publicly disclosed for years. It was also meant to raise the age of consent for heterosexual intercourse.

Neither did it significantly add to the available statues that could be deployed against men having sex with other men, all of which remained in force.

Labouchere Amendment – Pride Matters

Read the full article. When the Criminal Law Amendment Act was added to the statue books in these existing measures remained in place and section 11 – the so-called Labouchere Amendment came as an ill-defined addendum.

Harper Collins Publishers Inc. Calling it Uranian love, he even considered it to be a higher form of love than common heterosexual love. Whatever the intention, the effect of its enactment is clear: A number committed suicide.

While sodomy had ceased to be a capital crime inthough still penalized by life amendmeent, this Act broadened the definition of homosexual crime to include even consensual acts between adults in private, while reducing the penalty to two years opposed to the higher sentence imposed on acts often legally defined as attempted sodomy.