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An interlanguage is an idiolect that has been developed by a learner of a second language (or Interlanguage theory is often credited to Larry Selinker, who coined the terms “interlanguage” and “fossilization. Selinker () noted that in a given situation, the utterances produced by a learner are different from those . Selinker, L. (). Interlanguage. Product Information International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 10, Selinker, L., Interlanguage, IRAL; International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, () p International Review of Applied.

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INTERLANGUAGE : IRAL – International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

A Study of Relations. Predictive sentence processing in L2 and L1.

Volume 15 Issue Janpp. A quantitative analysis of Iranian EFL learners’ sources of written errors.

Towards an integrated view of language acquisition. The concise encyclopedia of applied linguistics. Japanese speakers’ second language Chinese wh-questions: Volume 42 Issue 4 Octpp. The importance of the pragmatic and sociolinguistic context. Comparative Comprehension of Interlanguage and Target Language. An intergroup approach to second language acquisition.


Language transfer Linguistic universal Word lists by frequency. Character recognition among English-speaking L2 readers of Japanese. Evaluating a computer-assisted pronunciation training CAPT technique for efficient classroom instruction.

The case of Sepitori in Tshwane. The Old English Genesis B poet: Second Language Acquisition Reconceptualized?

International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

First and Second Language Learning: The applied linguist and the foreign language teacher. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. Analyzing Late Interlanguage with Learner Oarry Language aptitude for pronunciation in advanced second language L2 Learners: About the article Published Online: Language-learning aptitude Critical period hypothesis Motivation Willingness to communicate Foreign language anxiety Metalinguistic awareness.

Learning How to Support Multilingual Writers.

A cloze-up on the C-Test: Robert Lado held that the claims of contrastive analysis should be viewed as hypothetical unless and until they were based on systematic analyses of learner speech data. Classroom foreign language 172 and language variation: Learning and teaching languages: Interlanguage is claimed to be a language in its own right. Variationen, ihre Linguistiken und verbale Deixissysteme.

A learner may produce a target-like variant e. Selinker received his B. Accommodation and hyperaccommodation in foreign language learners: Volume selinkr Issue 4 Octpp.


Larry Selinker

Expanding the Scope of Investigation. Contrasting Semantic Structures in English and Arabic: The current convergence in linguistic theory: The concept intfrlanguage interlanguage is closely related to other types of language, especially creoles and pidgins.

Error Correction and the Training of Language Teachers1. From Theory to Classroom Practice. Volume 14 Issue 1 Janpp.

Volume 48 Issue 4 Novpp. The acquisition of parameterized grammars. Inducing and correcting overgeneralization errors in the foreign language classroom. An analysis of a disk-based text analyzer. Age of Onset and Nativelikeness in a Second Language: Interlabguage learning a second language means losing the first. Transferability and linguistic substrates. A self-paced reading experiment with Brazilian learners.

An interlanguage can fossilize, or cease developing, in any of its developmental stages. Pushed output in a multi-stage dictogloss task: The effects of achievement level and response mode 197 programmed instruction on foreign language learning.