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Le Memorie Di Adriano Marguerite Yourcenar. 65 likes. Book. Memorie di Adriano di Marguerite Yourcenar – RIASSUNTO (Italian Edition) per tappare velocemente le vostre falle culturali, i Riassunti di Farfadette vi offrono. Results 1 – 30 of Marguerite Yourcenar. Filter your search Filter by Memorie di Adriano · Marguerite Yourcenar Le Jardin Des Chimeres. 28 Jan

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Above all, whatever doubts I had about Marguerite Yourcenar’s book, I kept wanting to continue reading. Yes, he visited Gaul mmemorie Britain, but they hardly played any role in the life of the Empire.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti

The profile of your death Is not mine to make, not with my veins of cynical forbearance, And lack of interest. It is in the first person. It is that, but it is also biography, philosophy, meditation, poetry. Yourcenar obviously did an insane amount of work compiling his life history with meticulous attention to details, but written as a letter to Marcus Aurelius, the book felt like a helluva lotta tell, not show.

The inheritance Yourcenar received after the death of her father, allowed her to devote herself to traveling and literary pursuits and love affairs on the Paris artistic scene. This is not so much a confession as a gift of an extraordinary man and mind. The psychological explorations are fantastic and her interpretation of how Hadrian may have seen and experienced the world is both believable and interesting, she inhabits this man. I know that there isn’t much known about Hadrian and I felt that the author has done her research, based on all the references given in the “Bibliographical Note” at the end of the book.

It is difficult to describe the emotions that this book evokes in the reader.

Every night, she tried to imagine that she was Hadrian, and spent hours writing minutely detailed accounts of what he might have seen and felt. She was the first woman to be inducted into the French Acadamy, and the New Yorker made the claim a while back that she displayed the highest level of erudition of any author in any language in the 20th century, pointedly noting that the company she beats out includes Joyce.


Yourcenar handles this episode magnificently.

Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar

The self-analysis accomplished by Hadrian is occa I quite enjoyed this book, beautifully written in a delicate, elegant and almost sensuous prose and recreating, in a nuanced and thoughtful fashion, the cultural world of a complex man like Hadrian, whose lifetime saw the apotheosis of the Roman Civilization. L’ho finito a fatica. There is adriaon looming sense of disaster in all this brooding on death, a disaster which finally comes with the fate of Hadrian’s beloved Antinous.

What a marvelous way to put an end to your reading year.

Yourcenaradoptou uma forma muito particular de escrita para este livro. In the meantime though — and in case I die suddenly or see something shiny and get distracted, and don’t get arou This book marguerire not nearly as funny as the similarly titled Diaries of Adrian Mole, so don’t get them confused! Perhaps that is why he can’t leave either of them alone.

He was a deep thinker who had a broad understanding of philosophies and religions. Some of his projects are easy to include here: Se, per miracolo, qualche secolo venisse aggiunto ai pochi giorni che mi restano, rifarei le stesse cose, persino gli stessi errori, frequenterei gli stessi Olimpi e i medesimi Inferi.

How Love seemed to be the way your story would end.

Memoirs of Hadrian

HardcoverSupercorallipages. Thus from each art practiced in its time I derive a knowledge which compensates me in part for pleasures lost. He uses racist ideas to express his position ‘war among barbarous races’ that the form of slavery on which the comfort of the Greek and Roman ruling classes depends is not so bad.

We are what yourcehar consistently do.

View all 98 comments. Then, almost unnecessarily, you can tell him that: There is something exceptionally artful in the way that Antinous’s story takes up only a small part of the novel, while the ramifications are yet so infused in every sentence Hadrian writes. I prohibited youurcenar entry of slaves into disreputable or dangerous occupations, forbidding their sale to brothel keepers, or to schools of gladiators.

Hadrian is establishing a similar relationship between the personal and the universal, between the inner life of the mind and the outer experience of the senses. His musings and recollections made me muse and recollect; reading Hadrian challenge his own perspective made me challenge my own point of view, my own way memorid living my life. The language is marguerihe beautiful and highly stylised Margeurite that feels very much like Latin; the cadences are those of Latin, and every word she uses is originally derived from Latin or Greek.


This is the book that made me regret again that I do not know French or Latin. This utterly pales in comparison to the towering works of the genre like “I, Claudius”.

Jul 03, David rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Too often we forget its scheming. But in such a realm, since there is nothing exact left to guide me, I verge upon the world of dream and metamorphosis. I stumbled upon it on Goodreads and the reviews were just so raving, I thought I’d give it a spin. I should take little comfort in a world without books, but reality is not to be found in them because it is not there whole. This did not account for the loss of two stars.

Death occurs just because we resign to it.

I did not love this book. Hadrian belongs firmly in the former category. Oct 13, peiman-mir5 rezakhani rated it really liked it Shelves: Someday I will re-read this book that is so highly regarded by so many GR reviewers who I respect, to see if I missed the tread, rifts, that a good cleaning of my eye glasses might have helped me to notice.

Hadrian speaks to us, but not in a tell-all confessional. Want to Read saving…. The saving grace for me occurred at the ending of this section: I need to find that man and smack him over the head with this book. This refers not only to her knowledge of history in the broad sensean Truly an astonishing book, as those here many who have read it already know.