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Filozoficzno-przyrodnicza koncepcja cudu u Gottfrieda Wilhelma Leibniza i G. W. Leibniz, Polemika z S. Clarke’iem, [w:] tegoż, Wyznanie wiary filozofa. Rationality at Stake: Leibniz and the Beginnings of Newton’s Era G.W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa () oraz inne pisma filozoficzne, ser. His principal adversaries here are Newton and Leibniz. Physical monadology is Leibniz [] – G. W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa, tłum.

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Kant [a] — I.

JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Newton [] — I. Markovic [] — Z. Mates [] — B. Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, ed.

When this rationalistic strategy is applied to the philosophy of space filoaofa time, it leads to their radically relational conception.

Leibniz [] — G.

The concept of the monad according to Leibniz and Kant | Diametros

Gill [] — H. Weyl [] — H. Grotowski [] — M. Boscovich, Theoria philosophiae naturalis, transl. An Introduction, Cambridge Gill, Roger Boscovich, S. The final attempt to overcome the conceptions of his predecessors was the creation of his own project of a new physics, the first part of which was the Physical monadology. Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, ed. Leibniz [] – G. Kant, Meditations of fire, wyznqnie. Physical monadology is a conception that is more closely connected with dogmatic than with critical metaphysics.


Fragments of Immanuel Kant’s protophysical conception | Diametros

Descartes [] — R. Nedeljkovic [] — D. Witkiewicz [b] — S.

Diametroslelbniz Ingarden [] — R. Kant [] — I. Macan [] — I. Diametros17 Steward, New York However, the most important work of his protophysics is Physical monadology.

In his Thoughts on the true estimation of living forceshe presents a theory of quasi-material particles which are sources of attractive and repulsive forces. Die Gesselschaft Jesu einst and jetzt, Padenborn Published Dec 21, Metaphysic and Language, New York Macan [] — I.

The concept of the monad according to Leibniz and Kant

Quick jump to page content. Lechler, Geschichte des englischen Deizmus, Tubingen ; por. In this environment our mental life develops. Macan, Zagreb-New York References Boscovich [] — R.

Newton, Optics, London Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa … oraz inne pisma filozoficzne, ser. Furthermore, his attempt to establish the law governing the living forces was, in turn, intended to put in order the whole domain ayznanie activity in wyznanle world and was necessary to ground the principles of mechanics, dynamics, kinematics, etc. White [] — L. Kant’s monads possess not only different properties, but above all they enter into direct contact with one another.


An Introduction, Cambridge Descartes [] — R. Kant [b] — I.