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Rupture Score (ATRS), was tested for validity, structure, and internal consistency .. Leppilahti J, Forsman K, Puranen J, Orava S. Outcome and prognos-. The Leppilahti score is made up of subjective factors (pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, footwear restriction and subjective outcome) and. and Ankle Society (AOFAS) score at 6 months was 98, with 42 patients having excellent and four patients good Leppilahti scores. The average time to return to .

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In this cohort we did find a significant plantarflexion strength deficit.

Outcome evaluation after Achilles tendon ruptures. A review of the literature

A systematic review of the literature. Calf muscle circumference – The maximal calf circumference is measured relative to fixed identifiable bony landmarks, e. No difficulty on any surface. Support Center Support Center. It is important to remember that there are aspects, such as swelling and body composition relative presence of fat tissue versus muscle tissuethat need to be taken into account in order to obtain unambiguous interpretations of circumference values.

Ability of closed and open kinetic chain tests of muscular strength to assess functional performance.

SLR – March 2012 – Adam Caton

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Of all the cited tools, the Achilles tendon Total Rupture Score ATRS was the only one developed using recognized methodology for outcome measure development 5. This is a six-item functional impairment score combining questions on recovery with isokinetic calf muscle strength testing. It is region specific, being divided into two separate subscales, namely activities of daily living and sports activities, comprising 21 and 8 items respectively.


Surgical versus nonsurgical treatment of acute Achilles tendon rupture: Calf muscle size Calf muscle circumference is measured to evaluate muscle trophic modifications after rupture leppilajti during the recovery phase.

It is important to instruct the patient to go as high as possible oeppilahti every heel rise. Isokinetic muscle strength score. Results after this second reconstruction vary but are overall good. Eleven patients had a re-rupture.

Physiotherapy started after 6 weeks. J Bone Joint Surg Am. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

The Heel Rise Test – The subject is standing on one leg, maintaining a straight knee; support with the fingertips for balance. Table 1 Clinical results as measured by range of motion ROMplantarflexion strength, and Leppilahti score. This scoring system combines both subjective assessments of symptoms and objective measures, such as ankle ROM and isokinetic calf strength.

Deficits in heel-rise height and Achilles tendon elongation occur in patients recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture. Because of your foot and ankle, how much difficulty do you have with: This questionnaire is a self-administered instrument, filled out by the patient and scored by the clinician.

As a result, it is commonly used to evaluate conditions and treatments very different from ATR and ATR treatment, such as ankle arthroplasty, talonavicular arthrodesis and ankle instability Heel rise can be measured both as the number of repetitions and the height of each heel rise Are you limited when walking on uneven svore Early E-modulus of healing Achilles tendons correlates with late function: Different techniques are described to measure this parameter.

We here provide a brief description of some of the outcome scales commonly used in research studies on ATR treatment.

Achilles tendon rupture | The Foot and Ankle Online Journal

Severe limitation of daily and recreational activities, walker, crutches, wheelchair, brace. Global leppilahhi like the Short Form SF 37 are designed to be general health status leeppilahti tools; the SF may be used in different patients and in different conditions, but it might not capture important aspects of a specific disease. The optimal treatment and the best rehabilitation protocol after an acute Achilles tendon rupture ATR remain a matter of controversy in orthopaedic and sports medicine.


Despite improved knowledge of Achilles tendon pathology, the optimal treatment and the best rehabilitation protocol after an acute rupture remain a matter of controversy in orthopaedic and sports medicine. Often the Achilles tendon is effectively shortened after this second repair. Similar results with or without surgery.

The Achilles tendon total rupture score: A prospective, randomised study comparing surgical and non-surgical treatment. Plantarflexion strength was significantly less compared to the unaffected side. This article describes the results of open repair of re-ruptures after initial minimally invasive repair. Surgical treatment of acute Achilles tendon ruptures significantly reduces the risk of re-rupture compared with non-surgical treatment, but produces significantly higher risks of other complications, including wound infection [1].

The Leppilahti score is currently reported in several research studies on ATR treatment 2149 Severe, limitations on recreational and daily activities. The median follow up in the study of Metz was 8. Calf muscle strength Calf muscle strength is significantly reduced following ATR.