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En cualquier caso, siempre puedes consultar este diccionario jurídico en España , y ver si la Jan 6. Nov 9, Ecuadorian Legal Glossary diccionario-de-terminos-juridicos/ Lex Juridica (Spain). contains a definitions can be found at

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Even some law firms have produced their own glossaries.

And I’m not sure it means that here. The aforementioned URL takes you to the entries for the first letter of the alphabet, so if you want to see entries for other letters, just change the “a” in the URL to that particular letter.

Any suggestions or tips’. Buy Database of Agencies. If you need access to Vital Records from all of the U. Close and don’t show again Close.

La traducción jurídica by Ana Navarro on Prezi

It provides shorthand ways of diccionaeio over standard legal phrases, e. Many definitions are very detailed. The Web site of the National Association for Court Management likewise offers a good glossary of court-related terms at http: There are a few books specializing in translations of legal terms.

Read Sense of Life Articles. You lexjuridicw native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Article for translators: Glossary Mining – Part 4: Making It Legal

Henry, do you think you could just say bankruptcy proceedings to cover the lot quiebra and suspension de pagos as well? Quiebra is for a comerciante, and it may be voluntary or involuntary, by resolution of a creditors’ meeting. I also thimk so. In the civil law category the two major English-language resources are a chapter treatise on the subject written by S. Names of courts are not necessarily intuitive.


Patricia Mazzucco, one of the authors, is probably one of the best-known legal translators there. Login to enter a peer comment or grade.

The Peruvian official government site is http: New York State Court System: The dictionary also contains a list of abbreviations used in legal documents. It cites the sources of definitions. Post Your Translation Diccionafio

El Salvador Lex

Comes with CD Rom. Other good sites for legal terms are http: Lxjuridica French insurance law, you can consult http: English PRO pts in category: This time the focus is entirely on Web sites for legal terminology and related resources.

If you need to consult court decisions, these can be found at http: Here are just two of them: A “Composition of Creditors”.

A good source of Spanish information on civil law is http: Have you looked at Ian Hill’s vocabulary lists here on legal terms? The thing I like about these is that they have links on terms within the text that lead to definitions of the terms. A totally non-serious glossary of legal terms can be found at http: Here is a legal forum for Sp-En.


No tengo mucho dinero ahorita, y por eso no puedo comprar los libros que quiero. Just for Laughs Lawyers and the law are often the target of humor. General information about laws outside the US. Anyone with good ideas on where to find legal vocab, please help me out.

en concurso

It can be obtained in a print version or a CD Rom. Other Languages French There are significantly more French legal resources than any other language.

It has links to codes and case law on the “legal professional” sidewhich can be useful if your source text says “as this term in used in [some provision of law]”. It gets updated often by users and one of the first things one sees when one goes there is a list of new abbreviations added.

Belgian French is also represented by http: Primarily European in its orientation are the various Spanish-language resources available from Wikipedia, which of course also have their English-language parallels. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.