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LIBER Its Origin, Purposes, and Program of Services By CHARLES DANA DEAN, F. R. C. BOOK Fi.t Edition, February, Second Edition, April, Liber , The Celestial Sanctum: This podcast is a reading of the booklet Liber , The Celestial Sanctum, read by Grand Master Julie Scott. Liber , The Celestial Sanctum [Supreme Grand Lodge of the Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)] on *FREE* shipping on.

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He was ever mindful of the great ambition of his life.

Liberamorc | Mystery | Pinterest | Celestial and Mystery

These activities enhance your enlightenment. Aorc was our joy and profit to see him make these contacts and to know that the spiritual side of his nature could rise to such sublime heights while still with us on this plane as our leader and instructor.

Rosicrucians are a threat to no one.

While others in their great religious and spiritual consecration aspired to build magnificent cathedrals on this earth, whose material forms would be imposing, and whose graceful spires of steel and mortar would point heavenward while rising but a little way into the Cosmic realm, he planned a Cathedral, the elements of which could be brought together and solidified noiselessly and without the contamination of material principles in any form.

The three symbols at its corners, blazing with violet fire, represent Light, Life, Loveā€”the Cosmic names of the Triune Godhead. Serafine Anthony Lemos, F.

Rosicrucianism is indeed found in certain parts of Masonry, but A.

Rosicrucian leaked secret documents, page 1

When there is a healing period in the Sanctum, as stated in the magazine schedule, we are to remain passive for the period of the healing convocation and thereby permit the Imperator or others to contact our consciousness in the Celestial Sanctum, and through it reach our bodies and cleanse them.

There will be communion rooms in which members may meet the Masters and speak with them and receive direct illumination and instruction, advice and guidance. We have known also that he found a way to reach beyond the consciousness of self into the consciousness of the Cosmic, and there dwell for moments of time to find inspiration, illumination, and contact with hundreds who were being slowly and properly prepared to meet him there.


If necessary the department will refer them to the Imperator. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. The name was changed a few years later to “Celestial Sanctum”. I have not changed any thing else, in order not to disturb the original intent of the manuscript, known as Liber First, familiarize yourself with meditation, click here, then with egregore, click here.

In the monthly magazine called the Rosicrucian Digest we shall publish in a separate place on one of the pages, a department devoted to the Celestial Sanctum, so that all our members, in whatever part of the world they may reside, may know of its various activities and special convocations. The files contain a collection of “Mandami” letters as part of the order’s “Master Monographs” writings.

After you study this manuscript, you will be able to start attuning with the Celestial Sanctum.

Rosecrucian connection is the hidden Wolfgang in the catholic and protestant church. The Sonnets triangle is made from sonnets. Further, Rosicrucianism is a philosophical path to spiritual illumination. In the early years, the number of students was much smaller and this appeared to be necessary.

The theory goes that, when the Rosicrucians dropped out of site in the late ‘s, they re-emerged in disguise as the Freemasons in the early ‘s.

liber 777 amorc

Do they have teachings in common or are they opposed? As a symbol of the Celestial Sanctum we have adopted a picture shown in this pamphlet, drawn by the pen of H. The following text so splendidly defines the purpose of the Celestial Sanctum, and pays tribute to its conceiver, that it has not been altered, except to relate it to the present needs of members and those who desire to avail themselves amorcc its noble features.

If you contact the Sanctum, there will be many students with different needs, all attending at the same time. There are those today who have passed on from this earthly life who were happy in the many contacts they made with our Imperator in amirc years that he enjoyed their cooperation.



Considerable time has been given to the preparation of these instructions to make sure that every point that might be given to our members has been included. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. At whatever hour we may wish to attune ourselves with the Celestial Sanctum and enjoy the contact and communion we shall proceed as follows:.

He dreamed of a Cathedral whose very foundation would be laid so high above the greatest of the earthly cathedrals that there would be no contact and no association. Rosicrucian – Silent Council Card. Read the manuscript below carefully to learn the procedure.

Spencer Lewis and a amprc group of advanced initiates of the brotherood created the “The Cathedral of the Soul”. It introduces the Celestial Sanctum, inspiring creation of Dr. In other words, just because A. We may remain in such contact for longer or shorter periods than those given in the magazine schedule, or we may withdraw when the definite period is over by simply closing the convocation with the following words:.

Yet it was like an electric flash that animated the spiritual reactions of thousands of our members: In the East of this Sanctum our members will find a beautiful alter in a magnificent apse, illuminated by violet light of Cosmic vibrations. In some of the Masonic traditions, starting on the 18th degree you’ll brush on some Rosicrucian ideas starting with the Rosy Cross symbols.

This is not just a lkber, there are many students of Mysticism that are capable to enter the Celestial Sactum afer a few trials.