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(without refund of the OSPs), the removal of a character from play for a period of time, or could ultimately The Lorien Trusts runs a Fair Game for Fair Players. Within the Lorien Trust system each character has 16 points to spend when creating package of 50 OSPs to spend on a select number of Occupational Skills. Disclaimer: This article is un-official in terms of the Lorien Trust. It is a collection of questions that have been asked and answered regarding the OSP system.

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The winter booking period for all 4 events will continue until very early Feb where you loriwn receive an extra 20 OSPs on top of your 40 for booking all 4 events 60 total.

Master Armour Repair Requirements to use: You can update your delivery and billing address while you place an order. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Customer Toolbox

PM Me got four spaces and a minibus of space for theses looking for room. Please do not attempt to abuse this system. Could you lkrien indicate which remaining event tickets of this booking you wish to allocate to someone else. NEW Character Please use this form to create a new character.

Please use the respective forms lorieh to instruct a member of the Admin team to make any changes for you. Below shows the relevant prerequisites. Email a valid email. You can authorise another adult to be the Authorised Supervisor while attending our events. The hosts of the Spring Moot are the Trantulars.

In particular, those mentioned on pages 5 and 8 of the Lorien Trust Rulebook. The Spring Moot — Child Ticket Once your booking is completed and you have secured your order id, please complete the form below.


Customer Toolbox | The Lorien Trust

So there I was trying to get myself keen for the next year This increases the power rating carrying capacity before problems by 1 so items will stop working at The Gathering of Nations — Adult Ticket This discount will be applied to your account, and is active when you purchase a child ticket.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or truat in any form or by any means, without the express written permission of Merlinroute Ltd, or in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act or under the terms of any license permitting copying issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency.

The details given below will be checked and you will be informed once the coupon has been allocated to your user account. If you need any assistance trst any kind there are many ways you can contact the admin team.

Any Other Details If you require any other O. Slightly sun faded due to sitting on a windowsill this summer but still in one piece. Change of Personal Out of Character Details”],”field2″: Please do not duplicate with this form as it causes confusion. Just head over to the post about it on the event group and have a go, at the request of people there is a “Just for Shiggles” section if you fancy just giving it a stab anyway.

User Login Login User Name: Please see page 47 of the rule book for further information. Under 10 Discount Request Form.

Lorien Trust

Is Child 2 a new customer? We will also contact them directly for their OS Prebooks. The Great Erdrejan Fayre is on the weekend of 24thth May. A Guide to Advancement.

You only need owp complete this form As we now have the ability to allow you to purchase multiple tickets For groups, friends, family members, children etc we must be sure that we allocate the ticket you have purchased to their individual account.


They may not be used with any Magical Lethal Venom. Any folks from Grimsby and area looking for transport to the events this is year. It can be the perfect opportunity to reassess your alliances and settle a few old scores.

Spell Tempering Master This skill allows the character to make a Master spell tempered item at each LT Trusf Event with tools that can be obtained and used in the relevant Guild area.

The Lorien Trust | ‘Run by Live Role-Players, for Live Role-Players’

Last name Your preferred name. Gains Regenerates 10 mins.

Ritual Crafter Requirements to use: If out of combat for 10 minutes the AV of any worn armour is restored to full. This skill cannot be removed once gained. User Login Login User Name: The Summer Moot — Adult Ticket Date of the order.

This skill prevents the use of Jack of All Trades and prevents any further oathsworn skills from being learned. This form is designed for parents and guardians to give the LT the information of the Authorised Supervisor who the child will be attending the event with. Submit Form to activate your allocation. Jack Of All Trades This skill may only be learned once at a time. John Paul Weir December 9 at We only use this information to contact an appropriate person should you require any additional external assistance while attending our events.