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CONTAGIOUS ARCHITE COMPUTATION, AESTHETICS, AND SPACE LUCIANA PARISI Contagious Architecture Technologies of Lived Abstraction Brian. In Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi offers a philosophicalinquiry into the status of the algorithm in architectural and interaction design. Luciana Parisi is Reader in Cultural Studies and Director of the PhD programme at the In , she published Contagious Architecture.

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Speculative Architectures

Krystyna Najder-Stefaniak – – Dialogue and Universalism 17 Although she explicitly states that she liciana not concerned with criticising parametricism, neither for its formal hypostasis nor for its relation to market driven neoliberal conceptions of space and social relations, she contends that mereotopology potentially escapes the logic of topological control that parametric architecture shares with neoliberal politics.

Largely drawing on the more recent debates in information theory, Parisi argues that contemporary dontagious of computation enter new speculative territories. In a note on pageParisi writes: Philosophy of Specific Arts in Aesthetics. According to her, the ubiquity of computation in the organisation of our contemporary environment should not be understood in all encompassing terms, but rather in relation to its incompleteness:.

While the gridlike architecture of striated space places discrete unities at the centre of a design made of points connected by lines, the topological curves of smooth space produced by algorithmic or parametric architecture start from the generative power of a point, the meshing and folding of which becomes the condition for the emergence of a new form.

The Aesthetics of Architecture: In Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi offers a philosophicalinquiry into the status of the algorithm in architectural and interaction design.


Taylor – – Routledge. Views Read Edit History. As she indicat es, sof t t hought t hreat ens t he assumpt ion t hat comput at ion is just anot her f unct ion of reason and t hat algorit hms are reducible t o a human mind and sensorimot or syst em.

Parisi articulates highly abstract points and precise examples at an incredible speed.

Speculative Architectures | Mute

Science Logic and Mathematics. The Aesthetics of Space: Philosophical Investigations Into the Art of Building. Contrary to the topological architecture of smooth but preemptive control displayed by parametric architecture, Parisi contends that the mereotopological approach developed by Whitehead between and Omega, t hus, is used t o challenge a discret e model of t he universe as well as permit room f or conceiving number out side t he conf ines of f init e, perf ectprecise mat hemat ical models.

The book follows the conjecture that this second interactive model, which is also at the core of digital architectural processes, does not quite reach its full potential and deliver what it had promised: This argument presents significant contributions to the development of a non-anthropocentric definition of thought.

In t his partCont agious Archit ect ure rounds up it s larger int ent of mapping comput at ion — t hrough it s cent ralit y t o digit al archit ect ure — as a speculat ive operat ion t raversed by inf init ies. She has also written within the field of media philosophy and analysed the bionic transformation of the perceptive sensorium triggered by vontagious media, the advancement of new techno-ecologies of control, and the nanoengineering of matter.

On Architecture as a Spatial Art. Contagious Architecture digs deeply into the logic of computation. Although imbued with many problematic aspects when seen in relation to the general political and economic environment in which it intervenes, parametric architecture presents important innovations in terms padisi form and conception.


First —order cybernet ics ref ers t o closed, self – suf f icient syst ems t hat are observable f rom t he out side and t o causal processes, such as cont rol, f eedback, and adapt ion. Mute Magazine Print Archive books. Parisi addresses contingency within rather than outside algorithmic processing. An Essay in Cosmology, New Lucianna Recent Architectyre Bassett Lecture Omega t heref ore suggest s t hat t here is no codif ied simplicit y at t he bot t om of complexit y.

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Contagious Architecture, Immanent Thought … | machinic matter

Thanks to Inigo Wilkins for his reading of an earlier version of this text. But for Whitehead as well as Spinoza, it simply does not follow that thought fundamentally finds its ground in the neurophysiology of the human brain.

Log In Sign Up. More t han t his, prehension is here equat ed t o cont agion, as Parisi explains t hat t o prehend is t o be inf ect ed wit h inf init e variet ies of quant it ies but wit houtin t urn, being able t o change t hem.