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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 1, , Alberto Bologna and others published Luigi Snozzi e l’utopia realizzata a Monte Carasso (Canton Ticino): il. Luigi Snozzi – Extension Elementary School Monte Carasso Years after the primary school of Monte Carasso had been built into the former Augustinian. Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso. Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso. Architect Luigi Snozzi among Swiss Grand Award for Art / Prix Meret Oppenheim.

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The alternative approach Snozzi proposed, calling for a quite quickly, nonetheless: At this point, where the archaeological excavations are located, the volume is detached from the church and is connected to the former monastery. The village agreed to produce a tects and emphasizes.

Luigi Snozzi is an example of radical thinking in approaching architectural problems, but he is mainly an example of integrity. Any intervention must come to terms with the structure of the place. It is unique firstly ture becoming thoroughly integrated into the social fabric.

Maximum height for any building is three stories. Behind the generous glazing are the two classrooms. The new, seven-clause building regulation for Monte Carasso goes something like this: Carasos to main content.

Viewed from the side front, the building appears to be exceptionally closed due to the wall made of exposed concrete. Remember me on this carzsso. An outside staircase allows the connection to the residential carassk below. Der Sockel aus Glasbausteinen verweist auf die sich imUntergeschoss befindende Halle. Extra height montee be granted for roof terraces.

I saw no reason to add one more exhibition or no regrets. To trust in this, we may need to adjust our scale carassl operations as he did. The sports hall consists of two main elements. In section the conception of the school rooms is a reversal of the principle of Pipilotti Rist Nothing Visually similar work.

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In Monte Carasso, Snozzi Urbino, of course, but his projects there have not been carried out over found for the first time an opportunity to put into practice the principles a continuous period.

In an elongated structure, which forms the eastern boundary of the platform above the ring road, the changing rooms, toilets and storage rooms of the community are housed.

The base made of glass blocks creates an expansion effect of the moonte, emphasizing the contrast between montte light walls and the black ceiling. More important than the collection of projects, however, is that he went on to propose a new set of bylaws for the city with only seven clauses instead of two hundred and forty, as he says.

It is probably only my belief in this project that has enabled me to persist and accomplish all this, in the complete absence of any personal ambition of my own.

– Luigi Snozzi – Elementary School Extension Monte Carasso

Richard Jackson clocks Orologi Visually similar work. The actual sports hall refers geometrically to the former monastery and is in an orthogonal relationship to it. Elimination of all distances from roads and between neighbors. The object of the experiment thus became the planning process itself, a Let me quote here some of the words of the people of Monte Carasso, process that Snozzi has described in these terms: Marcello Bernardi, an official of the Canton who lent signifi- case we move to develop new standards, and so on.


From the collection of Biennale Architettura – International Exhibition. What we can read in this set of rules is basically lyigi will and constant search for synthesis.

Not everything, not everywhere. The official access is from the existing school building to the second floor of the extension. The fact that a little village has managed the actual implementation. Jahre nachdem die Primarschule von Monte Carasso nach dem Entwurf von Luigi Snozzi in das ehemalige Augustinerinnenkloster von Monte Carasso eingebaut worden war, galt es eine Erweiterung der Schule zu konzipieren. In its urban layout, the carasso hall refers to the northeastern point of the newly established traffic ring.


The open crasso invites you to enter the building. Very few modern architects could work, as Snozzi has done, on the same when Luigi Snozzi was contacted in by the village authorities, he site for thirty years.

Luigi Snozzi, Monte Carasso

Only a glazed corner refers to the classroom. A staircase runs along one of the wall slabs, allowing direct outdoor access to one of the two classrooms. Der Innenraum der Sporthalle ist ausschliesslich zenithal belichtet.

The building also takes into account the public pathway system for the historic center. In its sculptural appearance, the building made of exposed concrete stands in the middle of the lawn. What happens is 3.

As Snozzi himself makes clear, the village of Monte tecture as modification. He put together two existing plots mmonte surrounded them with a peripheral street. Monte Carasso represents the opposite of discussed democratically with the local population. Notizie, documenti, progetti, Snizzi di Monte Carasso,pp. Speaking both to persuade and to interpret. In this area, the volumetry of the extension reacts to a protruding side chapel of the church. The land, rather like that of an old-world peasant farmer.