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February Dorchester ISBN Everyone knew Lady X or, at least, everyone knew of her. The masked courtesan was reputedly a noblewoman. It’s a case of mistaken identities and unmistakable attraction in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ classic historical romance, previously. The Reluctant Reformer By Lynsay Sands – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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The woman had then fled the room nearly as quickly as she had ushered Maggie into it. He had lived every moment of the short time he had spent on earth as if it might be his last. Buy The Reluctant Reformer: London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. She simply would not look through the crack to see who Maisey’s client was and what they were doing, she decided, then frowned as the voices moved closer, the man’s slightly relhctant timber striking a cord of recognition within her.

Whirling, Maisey hurried to the armoire, returning a moment later lynway a plain red silk mask for her to wear. Now keep quiet,” she hissed, then pushed the door closed with a decided snap. Dec 29, Antonella rated it liked it Shelves: I would have finished it fast it took me a week but I had bronchitis and a sinus infection and I wasn’t into reading He had rarely re,uctant ever bothered to even ride out to the estate he had inherited with his title.

He’s been keeping tabs on heroine, discovers she’s at a brothel. Sighing in resignation, Maggie turned to peer back along the ledge, took a deep breath, then began inching her way back the way she had come, clinging to the wall like a limpet reeformer she did.

You must witness this, Lady Maggie. The story begins in a brothel where Maggie is interviewing prostitutes and the Madame of the establishment for a new article. I’ll only be a minute and it will seem more real. Now everyone knows that a certain amount of research must go int these articles, so donning a plethora of disguises, Lady Margaret has gone into a number of places no ‘Lady’ should be s The Reluctant Reformer – G Lynsay Sands Since her brother Gerald died and left her property without the proper funds to maintain, Lady Margaret must find a way to support herself and old family retainers that she cannot let go of.


Credo di non aver mai letto di due protagonisti tanto stupidi, incoscienti e assurdi. On that determined thought, she peered into the room once more, relieved to see that the couple were suitably distracted, then forced herself to move past the window and continue on toward the next window along the wall.

Gerald claimed his sibling was beautiful, virtuous, naive; and he had forced James an oath of protection.

I would have liked another book with the same cast, but this is a stand lynday novel, so all is well that ends well, I suppose! Climbs out the window and tries to sneak out of the brothel. I knew you’d be wanting this news right prompt, but when I went by your townhouse, they told me there that you were at your club.

But when James tracked the girl to a house of ill repute, what other explanation could there be but that Maggie was London’s most enigmatic wanton? It was a townhouse fit for a Duke, with lots of rooms, and even more servants in attendance. This was dumb, well-written fun.

But through a series of circumstances that are painfully circumstantial, James ends up abducting Maggie and taking her to his country estate.

Lord Ramsey, James Huttledon, fought in the war with Maggie’s brother, and promises to look after Maggie after Maggie’s brother dies saving James.

Mar 14, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 24, Autumn Mcquarrie rated it really liked it. The sound of a tap at the door made Maggie pause, her face registering alarm as she met Maisey’s own startled gaze. They hide your lovely body from the eyes of other men, but there is no need to hide from me any longer.

The plotting and characterizations manage to strike a fresh appeal, slightly different from what I’m used to in romance novels. Be the first to ask a question about The Reluctant Reformer. She had no doubt that Madame Dubarry could keep the girl quiet.

I let you out so I could find a gown suitable enough to play the likes of you. I have discovered that I like Sands’ novels that take place in this time period s rather than the ones that take place in the 13th century–those are all similar and the way they speak and act seem so out of time that it’s hard to reconcile what’s happening in the story with the time period.


Johnstone was silent for a moment, allowing his boss his thoughts, then pointed out gently, “It would explain where she’s been getting the money to keep up the house and servants. A girl took over being her brothers gho This was an old book I picked up at a flea market.

The Reluctant Reformer

I haven’t a single dress as drab as the one you are wearing. Ramsey remained silent for a moment, then whirled abruptly and strode toward the door of his library. But thankfully, his journey to arrive at that point doesn’t emasculate him, and doesn’t leave him as the lovesick feminine lapdog we find in Medeiros romances, for example. She hadn’t been able to look a single one of them lynsa the face and tell them they were no longer wanted.

Lynsay Sands – Books – The Reluctant Reformer

He had to find a way to reform lynsau hoyden, to save her from scandal. And despite the fact that I definitely developed a great deal of empathy for the person determined to take her out, Maggie is quite likable, reluftant. The rest of it was covered by a blazing red mask reforjer never came off.

In the end, Maggie had had to confess herself the culprit. Glimpsing the welts on his back, Maggie paused in dismay, her gaze moving to Maisey to see that she had retrieved a long wide leather belt from the armoire and was now eyeing Frances with a decidedly jaundiced eye as he continued stripping. Good Lord, it was him. Now everyone knows that a certain amount of research must go int these articles, so donning a plethora of disguises, Lady Margaret has gone into a number of places no ‘Lady’ should be seen in.