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In past articles when discussing training, I’ve referenced and linked to a very popular 5×5 training program often referred to as the MadCow 5×5. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: 5 sets of 5 for squats, bench press, and barbell rows (ramping up sets for those unaware. Actually the progression for madcows 5×5 is % compounded weekly starting week 5 and the progression for 5/3/1 is 10lb for squat/deadlift.

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In short, if you even dare to be doing a program like this, you better be eating at least enough calories to maintain your bodyweight. The idea would be that if you don’t care about strength then you still wouldn’t do this, but if you want both strength and mafcow and have mascow done a novice routine for several months to the point of stalling, then this would be a routine to consider moving on to.

JC, I was looking at this program awhile back most people told me I had to eat an assload on the volume day to recover. However, I took it easy and got the hell away from the barbell bench press.

They need something that emphasizes making gains every workout whether they are in the form of weight lifted or reps achieved. These programs are tried and true. If you can’t do the lifts, switching programs a million times a month isn’t gonna do it for you. Do you ever wonder why that is? In fact all I’m really doing is vocalizing what’s already been done, as seen in people’s logsand trying to establish a template of sorts.

First of all, the program was designed for natural bodybuilders. Similar deal with deadlift to knees although I’d prefer to do deficit deadlifts.

The Complete Guide To Madcow 5×5 Workout Routine Including Spreadsheet And Calculator

I really don’t care. I can’t post by after Madcows stats yet because I haven’t started lol. I appear to have wasted my time. Finally, the program completely ignores individual differences which is inappropriate for intermediate trainees. I remember them fondly; I just never knew who the author was.


When you can no longer progress on Starting Strength you will have your answer. Secondly, the program represents a reduction in volume from most intermediate programs. We will see how much this “gap” grows. Madcow was a person just like me and you who was active on powerlifting and on some bodybuilding forums. Intermediates have a better understanding of what works for them than beginners so the whole, ‘Just do this exact program with no changes’ mentality is less pronounced when it comes to intermediate training.

Madcow wrote an extensive guide to his program that I personally believe is one of the best online resources for proper training knowledge out there. I just did 8 weeks of madcow and increased all my lifts at least 15lbs, 20 on some. Just a feedback on this program.

I am gonna try something new after madckw 6 week peaking cycle. Maybe it didn’t work the first round. Feel pretty dinged up after giving my all these last nearly 3 months.

Bill Starr (MadCow) 5×5 Intermediate Routine

After a few weeks macow the program, the top set is intended to be a PR set. I did this despite being told by people that you are a punk kid who is either too arrogant or too stupid to recognize or listen to solid advice.

You must be ready to bust your ass because this type of program is not for the squeamish. Madcwo makes absolutely no sense at all.

Madcow 5×5: The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters | StrongLifts

Lashing out at someone who is trying to help is a great indication of perhaps why one cycle on a basic program didn’t work for ya. You do the exact same training mavcow single week.


The original program calls for incline bench on Wednesdays although many people alter Wednesday to overhead press instead. Originally Posted by Retardo-pex. Newbs will make better progress using a workout to workout linear approach. Have you noticed that less and less of the better lifters on this board are responding 55x your threads, and whne they do it is madcoww to rage? Maybe even some GHR once a week Martins idea of 3x as breakdown sets is also fairly solid, perharps not every session but 1 or 2 to increase leg volumme.

You need to do more work in most cases. However, on Madcows, fatigue is managed through resets and run-ups. Originally Posted by sharpguyjp. All Time WR Squat: Your job, week in and week out, is to add weight to that damn bar and madciw it like you mean it! Do I eat at maintenance for 1 week then start lowering cals?

I find your chinup advice intriguing, I’ve done weighted chinups every wednesday ever since I started, but not as a main lift.

Madcow 5×5: Workout for Intermediate Lifters

55 Posted by andom. I used it, however, did not get the results I was looking for. JoinStrongLifters today, and receive several welcome gifts. Your only recourse is to try the workout again the next week. After that, it makes sense to move on to a more advanced intermediate program. On Madcows, the volume is layered fairly equally throughout the week and the entire program relies on accumulated fatigue to drive progress.

Originally Posted by Xuaxace. Dude, that is sweet. The workouts are on non-consecutive days and are full body oh how I love thee.