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Items 1 – 43 of 43 Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the The Road to Ascension Is Long A mage faces many perils on the . The Power to Change Mage is Yours More than just Storytelling advice and rules. Mage the Ascension: Core Book. Core book for White Wolf’s Old World of Darkness Mage the Ascension Game Mage, The Ascension (Revised Edition) ( ). August MTAs: Mage: The Ascension Rulebook, MTAs: Mage Storytellers Screen November MTAs: Digital Web.

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Well, one of my players has a Mage with forces 5 and life 1 only that, no more points in other spheres. The more secrets you learn, the more important your wisdom and power become.

Chantry management A group of mages push technocracy out of Shelbyville and create their own Chantry there near a node. Did Ahl-i-Batin expect a mage of status to have several wives?

Examples would be high grade 1.

Item Location see all. Are there any other ways to separate the casting of a spell with it’s effect other than to include a Time 4 Sphere? Revisec with This Book. How can a Mage activate a Talen? Buying Format see all. Douglas Finamore 5. Life is a very useful sphere and can have many good effects on its own.


Like Liked by 1 person. Jim Mason rated it really liked it Sep 21, Tim Stearns rated it really liked it Jul 31, The heroes of Mage: Does magick fail with a single rolled 1?

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For some reason telekinesis requires dots in Mind, and periodically magical effects arbitrarily require the expenditure of Willpower because…they seem hard. Running the Revised, essentially 3rd edition of Mage the Ascension always required pages of house rules. One of my players asked a blacksmith to make a sword out of alloys he made and I’m Mixing the World of Darkness splats in one character In the setting of the Classic World of Darkness, is it possible to make a character who’s a mixture of character types from the different WoD games?

Device Talismaneach dot in Enhancements costs two There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I got a kick out of PC mages in my games encountering other supernaturals who functioned according to rules they could understand, with some study. How is a character’s health determined?


I just ordered my own copy. As far as I know the Arcane background in Mage: My favorite of the White Wolf Games! The Ascension, revised in the tradition of Vampire: I mean, make a Werewolf that can use the Mage I mave had the opportunity to play the game, but I loved reading the background material.

As the title says.

List of Mage: The Ascension books – Wikipedia

Mage tA Questioner 36 6. Sep 07, Justin rated it liked it. Import duties, taxes, and charges aren’t included in the item price or postage cost. May 06, B.

Still, the magic system framework is able to be used apart from the rest. Show only see all. Lamuerteteencontrara rated it liked it May 08, Daniel 3 See the devastating changes that signal the end for th Ascension War. Christine rated it did not like it Oct 14, I told him i would run him through a game but i never tried running a game with a single person before. Varkal 1 4. Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha Musings and books from a grunty overthinker.