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The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey. The series revolves around the character Aurian, after whom. To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts. Her dormant powers are. The Artefacts of Power book series by Maggie Furey includes books Aurian, Harp of Winds, Sword of Flame, and several more. See the complete Artefacts of.

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It must be found before his secret is discovered. When Miathan first captures Anvar, he recognizes although the boy doesn’t Anvar’s latent, half-breed magic powers, and prompty places a spell upon him inhibiting those powers — castrating him, if you will.

Aurian, the child of renegade Mages, finds herself sent to the city of Nexis to join the Academy and then train as a full Mage. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

The Artefacts of Power – Wikipedia

All await the coming of the Sword of Arifacts — and Aurian. The developing friendship between Aurian and the hard-done-by Anvar is often touching. She attributes the fact that she always seemed to find herself working in careers to do with books as having something to do with fate. In ages past, there had been four magical weapons, fashioned to be used only by the Magefolk. Personally I mabgie this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet.

Maggie Furey is a British author of a number of beloved, long-in-print fantasy series. Family secrets come jaggie to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. Disco legendo libros; scribendo cogito. The way Aurian survives being mauled in the arena by a fearsome beast strains credulity, as it is too easily comparable and unfavorably so to the earlier scene with Forral.

In order to reach their goal, however, they must overcome treachery, intrigue, and ffurey — and a mysterious figure from the past whose actions threaten to tear the Shadowleague apart.


Artefacts of Power Series

Opal has written over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series. For aeons, its mysterious Curtain Walls have functioned to separate realm from realm, and race from race, so that each cordoned area remains a sanctuary for its species. Retrieved from ” https: Rich, colourful and infinitely enchanting it is a work that will give enormous pleasure to fantasy readers. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.

Fantasy as a genre is a wish fulfillment exercise. The world of Myrial is racing toward apocalypse. Maggie Furey Books In Order.

When you have possessed a book artlfacts mind and spirit, you are enriched. Aurian has been raised as a strong-willed and skilled swordsman in an attempt to make sure she does not wander to the dark arts of Fire Magic that had killed her father.

She was so blown away by the idea that one could create an entire new world or universe with unique characters, and plotlines, which was so different from the real world.

SF : Aurian / Maggie Furey ☆☆☆☆

View my complete profile. In addition, whilst there is one key character whose destiny will affect the future of the whole world.

The future stands balanced on a knife-edge between hope and destruction. And Anvar has a misbegotten love for a girl named Sara, a shallow and manipulative bimbo whom Furey uses in the most overt of ways to demonstrate the corrupting nature of playing the sex-is-power game.

As such, when other children were out climbing trees and riding bikes, she found solace by sailing with the Amazons and Swallows and winning races with Jill and her horses.

But when a sparring accident comes close to killing Aurian, and Forral’s only chance to save her is to ride to the city of Nexis and fetch the Healer from the Mage’s Academy, Aurian’s existence comes to the attention of the Archmage, Miathan. Under the rule of a renegade leader, the Shadowleague slowly gathers itself together from its tattered remnants and braces for a devastating attack meant to shatter it forever.


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Eighth Annual Collectionp. Sure, it’s about as arch and melodramatic a novel as you’re likely to find without the Silhouette imprint on the cover. Meanwhile, Death awaits his third and final meeting with the pair….

Furey, Maggie – Artifacts of Power 1 – Aurian

And Maggie Furey is an author who understands the magic in fulfilling a wish. But this friendship infuriates Miathan, and leads to a deadly conflagration, in which the first Artefact is revealed. Posted on Friday, March 21st, In the second half, Furey, having gotten ample mileage out of the story’s sexual dynamics, settles curey into a more traditional high-adventure mode without losing a bit of her epic’s entertainment value.

What is this series? While there are fantasy novelists who impress by raising the literary standards of the genre, we should not, in our admiration of their work, lose sight of the powwer simpler, fairy tale, wish fulfillment roots. The Artefacts of Power series is a tetralogy of fantasy novels written by British author Maggie Furey.

The novels are fast paced stories with strong characters that can be said to be wish fulfillment fantasies in the mold of John Carter of Mars or Conan the Barbarian. Little does she suspect that she will quickly become entwined with a power struggle between Miathan, the Archmage, and the human inhabitants of Nexis. When Miathan discovers — from his Healer, before even Aurian and Forral know — that Aurian is pregnant, he makes secret plans to abort the child.