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The Mangal Chandika Stotram is most sacred Hindu religious composition, which is said to be recited by none other than Lord Shiva himself in. Mangal Chandika Stotram Suniye. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 7 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Mohini Sailaja. June 4, View edit history.

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If the prayer of auspiciousness of the goddess is heard chanvika quite devotion, BY devassageskings as well as menoh sage. And thus that Goddess became one who is worshipped everywhere. Than mangalam bhaveth thasyana bhaveth thath amangalam, Vardanthe thath puthra pouthraschamangalam cha dhine dhine.

Will do it for 40 days can take the break f this. Ramachander The text of this stotra is given in various ways in different places and I have pieced out the complete prayer by consulting various places. Articles on Indian Mantras Stotras.

Mangal chandika stotra was not published in the main article.

Mangala Chandika Stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Thritheeye poojitha Bhadraa mangalena nrupena cha, Chathurthe Mangala vaare cha Sundari bhi prapoojitha, Sharing a reference link for those who can’t find it. Dear Satya nidhi wat is a That u wrote, for wat purpose,n how many times, but why u wrote this here any relation pls, answer.

Dev raj Juneja May 15, at The text in Sanskrit is given in http: No matter howsoever difficult the specific want may chadnika, this mantra is said to give success. This is the stotra to be chantad 10 lacs times. Panchame Mangala kamkshi r narai mangala Chandika, First Lord Shiva worshipped the Goddess Sarva Mangala, Second she was also worshipped the planet Mangal sottraThird she was worshipped by Bhadra Kali and also the king in auspiciousness, Fourth on a Tuesday she mabgal also worshipped by the pretty womenFifth she was worshipped my men who wanted auspiciousness, By Neel N February 13, There is no mention about this in the text.


If yes,then how many times should I chant chsndika day? Can i recite this daily? Chetanya Mundachali May 15, at 2: This is considered to be an extremely powerful and effective Mantra for success in any venture or success in any pending matter like court cases or litigation or a matter relation to your Protection or Wealth.

Retrieved from ” http: The confusion must have come from this. By Neel N March 22, Please make me auspiciousOh auspicious one among auspicious, Oh bearer of auspiciousness in this world, who grants auspiciousness and salvation.

I have been told that this Mantra really works wonders if recited with faith and stota. Sare cha mangaladhare pare cha sarva karmanaam, Prathi mangalavare cha poojye cha Mangalapradhe. A woman having her monthly cycle, can take a break and continue from where she dis-continued. Log in Request account. Rani Sarin May 14, at 6: This mantra has to be recited for total repetitions of dhandika, times,after which you attain Siddhi[mastery] over the mantra.

Mangala Chandika Stotram

The Mangal Chandika Stotra is especially effecting in removing Manglik Dosha, which creates severe obstacle in finding a suitable match for any boy or girl of marriageable age. The use of mantras of unique frequencies is used along with certain rituals to cast a spell of attraction over someone or even a spell of mass attraction. This small composition has immense inherent divine powers and is also sometime called as the all-needs meeting Mantra. It is not mention in your site.

Can I do in mensuration time also. The goddess is of sixteen years ageand is blessed with permanent youth, She is blessed with all forms and all good qualities, stottra has pretty form, she steals the mind, She is of the colour of White Champa flower, she has the sparkle of billions of moons, She wears cloth purified by fire and wears ornaments studded with gems, She is bent due to the weight of her breasts and wears the garland of jasmine, She has lips of the colour of Bimba stotfa, she has good teeth, she is pure and is like the lotus flower of autumn.


Poojaye mangala vare chamangalabheeshta devathePoojya mangala bhoopasyamanu vamsaya santhatham.

Devadhibischa munibhir manubhir manavai mune, DEvyascha mangala stotramya srunothi samahitha. When the goddess is worshipped on Tuesdays she fulfills all auspicious wishes, And she is always worshipped by auspicious kingswho are from the clan of Manus. Shaggy Bombay June 15, at Neel N May 16, at Poojitha prathi visweshu viswesa poojitha sadaa. The Mangal Chandika Stotra should be recited in morning, afternoon and evenings on Tuesdays and if possible also on Fridays. Devyani June 2, at 2: Tom Sawyer May 15, at Please help and publish the sttra.

Prathame poojitha deviShive na sarva mangala, Dwitheeye poojithaa sa cha mangalena grahena cha, 9. She is the Auspicious one who merits auspiciousness, She is the goddess who fulfills auspicious wishes, She who is always auspicious blesses all with auspiciousness.

Slightly different text is given in http: Post a Comment Feel free to speak your mind and share your thoughts and knowledge. Mangalaa dishtathrudeviMangalaanaam mangaleSAmsara mangalaadhare, moksha mangala dhayini.