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Ceragem Lucknow – ALI Enterprises Latoche ROAD · December 3, ·. How to use ceragem manual machine P with 3 BALL projector..?? The CERAGEM compact was designed to mobilize the 2 external projectors (3- Sphere and 9-Sphere) to be used anywhere. The CERAGEM compact has a. Currently ceragem therapy comes on three types of thermal massager: automatic, manual, and folding type. Since the price of the products is quite expensive.

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Thanks but Your Mobile Number is not Verified! Blue heaven xpression lipstick combo. It is a product that unblocks one’s energy channels and relaxes muscles around the spine, improving blood and Qi circulation as the internal projectors move along the torso. Stimulating your pressure points to relieve the compressed nerves and allow the body to return to its natural healthy rhythm. Our External Projectors emit Radiant Infrared Manuall and allow convenient access to all parts of our body.

Finger pressure A practice done by the hand to relieve compressed nerves and muscle tension.

Ceratonic heating pads and mats using century-old healing wisdom. This was bought in and it has hardly been used. The main mat and lower mat offer different functions, with the main mat utilizing both the internal projector and epoxy carbon panels to emit an optimal level of far-infrared heat.

Radiant Infrared Heat rong The The Benefits of Radiant Infrared Heat have been researched and noted for increasing blood circulation throughout your body, which in turn, improves your overall health. Chiropractic A leading alternative medicine with over years of history that helps align the spine and relieve compressed nerves, thus promoting an overall healthier body.


Thermotherapy Far Infrared therapy Pressure Point Stimulation Alignment of The Spine and Natural healing for over ailments Ceragem therapy is like taking the morning rays of the sun! Automatic Ceragem thermal massager 1.

Some of the ailments for which ceragem treatment works: Qi is the Chinese word for vitality, life-force, and power.

ceragem manual portable thermal massager

Dealer Individual Verified Seller. Health – Beauty Products Commercial v3 ceragem typ advance technology machine tripple motor with free ceratonic matt sho Commercial v3 ceragem typ advance technology machine tripple motor with free ceratonic matt sho Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate.

Controller for heating to differentiate from other single heating mats, it has 17m of heating line. Endura mass gm vanilla. Health guard to protect the user from ticks and mildew. Quikr will call you shortly to verify the Mobile Number entered by you. A practice done by the hand to relieve compressed nerves cefagem muscle tension. Sugar free gold sachets pack of 3.

Finger pressure, which is done by hand to relieve compressed nerves by correcting the spinal alignment. Smart Design “Design” providing convenience in space utilization and use.

Are you tired of taking medication with no results and with endless side effects? Quikr Assured Products View All.

Ceragem CGM MCB Manuals

It adopts high-quality silica gel cables to make is safer. Automatic ceragem thermal massager 1. CERAGEM combines all the benefits derived from Eastern medicinal health techniques handed down from generation to generation, with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today. Eastern Medicine Techniques CERAGEM combines technology with many traditional principles of Eastern medicine such as moxibustion and Ceragem pressure to massage and soothe the body’s “distress signals,” which cause pain and stress.


To release mor far-infrared rays, ceramics are placed on the single ceragem heating mat.

Ceragem Manual Machine

It can carry out massage by move ceeragem the aluminum alloy,such as figure pressure,massage,scraping and traction from neck to waist. Amritsar Type your city name. It has various advantages, including: Jade stone rollers with advance technology 13 modes advance spine scanning collapsible desig You can experience this revolutionary automatic Thermal Massager in the comfort of your own home and share the joys of using it with your whole family. It adopts natural Xiuyan Jade as the thermal massager to achieve safer and better effects.

Trending in Health – Beauty Products Dabur shilajit gold price. External projectors, both 3-sphere and 9-sphere, can be applied to different areas of the body, while using the automatic, semi-automatic, manual or massage modes, thus boosting the overall effectiveness of the Ceragem-RH. Luxious leather cover, wooden bedstead. Portable Ceragem Therapy Massage Bed.